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More Brand-New Audio!

Written on 09-21-2018 by Samantha Reading

We've got brand-new audio for every taste!

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For the Love of Boobs! ...Now in Audio

Written on 09-05-2018 by Samantha Reading

Just when you think being a fan of Ardour Press can't possibly get any better...

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Under the Table - Now in Audio

Written on 08-30-2018 by Samantha Reading

Dive in—dive under—and experience Under the Table in sexy, seductive audio!

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Our Full Catalog - Soon to Be Released in Audio!

Written on 08-24-2018 by Samantha Reading

All your favorite genres... all your favorite titles... are queuing for release in alluring audio!

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Purple-Headed Penis... LIPSTICK!

Written on 07-24-2016 by Samantha Reading

If it's what you've always wanted... if you love the feel of a ____ pressing against your lips, then, why not indulge in the experience?

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Introducing the New Insatiable Series: Your New Craving

Written on 03-28-2016 by Samantha Reading

Author Tina Tirrell delivers a new feast for your appetite for erotic reading, by request of you, her fans!

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Savoring a Stranger - Now in Audio

Written on 12-19-2015 by Samantha Reading

The much-anticipated followup to our most popular audio book in our most popular audio series is now available!

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The Black Mamba - Now in Audio

Written on 12-05-2015 by Samantha Reading

If you have yet to read The Black Mamba, you now have the perfect way to experience this exceptional tale by Liam Holt.

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The Newest Taboo: Our Brand-New Box Set

Written on 11-30-2015 by Samantha Reading

A new box set of bundled books has arrived! Three of our hottest taboo titles are now available in one box set for significant savings.

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Amanda's Awakening - Now in Audio

Written on 10-30-2015 by Samantha Reading

We're excited to announce the release of author Cheri Lille's first title to be offered in audio format. Amanda's Awakening is now a listening experience you won't soon forget!

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Sweetening Principal Parker Now Available in Audio

Written on 10-13-2015 by Samantha Reading

We're very proud to present the first title in author Tina Tirrell's most popular story series in audio format. Wait no longer!

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Confessions of a Cuckoldress

Written on 10-06-2015 by Tina Tirrell

I love catering to my readers, especially when you love one of my stories so much that you practically beg me to build an entirely new series from it to keep the story, the characters, and the theme going as long as you like. Now, the cucking adventures continue!

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All Grown Up Now Available in Audio

Written on 09-30-2015 by Samantha Reading

Our erotic audio catalog is growing... The newest audio book available by Ardour Press is author Tina Tirrell's All Grown Up.

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Porn Lovers Are Women Lovers

Written on 09-10-2015 by Samantha Reading

Can it be true? That porn is good for you? Well, more than that, its fans are feminists!

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The Man with TWO Penises

Written on 01-16-2015 by Liam Holt

Can it be?! Oh, yes! This man reports he's lived his entire life with not one, but TWO schlongs stuffed in his pants!

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Delve into the Ongoing Sensual Series You Won't Be Able to Get Enough Of!

Written on 10-08-2014 by Samantha Reading

Don't miss out! Delve into our growing new series to keep your tastes tempted endlessly...

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Genre Tags Help You Find Exactly What You're Looking for in the Moment

Written on 09-09-2014 by Samantha Reading

When you need it... oh, how you NEED it! We know. Our Genres page could be what make Ardour Press the coolest publisher of all.

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90-Year-Old Sex Columnist Shatters Taboos in India

Written on 08-27-2014 by Samantha Reading

Did you know... less than 1/4 of young Indians have had any exposure to sex education, 3/4 of urban Indian men wish their brides to be virgins, 3 in 10 Indian women have given birth before age 18?

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The Most Arousing Books... in the Most Intimate Form

Written on 08-21-2014 by Samantha Reading

We've been actively developing audio versions of our hottest book titles to bring you every title in our catalog in audio format. You'll soon be able to pick and choose your favorite way to experience the most arousing writing online. Imagine cuddling up while our saucy narrator reads softly into your ear...

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New Releases Coming to Smashwords & Other Bookstores!

Written on 08-19-2014 by Samantha Reading

You've been waiting long enough. We have NEW releases shipping to Smashwords soon! If you haven't peeked in on our home on Smashwords lately, you may not even realize our latest title and first box set is published and available for Smashwords readers!

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Introducing Bundled Books for BIG Savings!

Written on 08-14-2014 by Samantha Reading

We know what our readers want most, and we're only giddy with excitement at delivering just that. We know you want the highest quality erotica, the get-ready-to-get-soaked-instant-graticiation kind, and you want value.

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Most Famous Male Anatomy throughout History

Written on 08-12-2014 by Cheri Lille

Just which/who are the biggest—ahem—"sausages" of all time? Sure, there are tons of male porn stars given credit. But let's look back... way back.

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What Readers Are Saying about Author Tina Tirrell

Written on 08-10-2014 by Samantha Reading

We love receiving your reviews (especially online where your comments help spread the word about our sexy catalog of books!) and any comments about your favorite authors, books, and more. We know how amazing our hand-selected authors are and how they will delight you, and we love hearing about your experiences when you discover them—and their arousing talent—for yourself.

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Introducing Our Own Brand of Erotic Audio

Written on 07-26-2014 by Samantha Reading

We're proud to introduce our newest erotic offering for your personal pleasure: Aural Orgasms, the créme de la créme of arousing audio.

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The Sweetening Continues

Written on 07-22-2014 by Tina Tirrell

Can it get any sweeter? It can when Sweetening Principal Parker, the story of young Clive who accidentally transforms the school principal into a younger, sexier, bimbo version of herself—and is greatly rewarded for it!—continues...

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Great Flirting

Written on 07-19-2014 by Cheri Lille

"Great flirting should be an end in itself rather than a means to an end."

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Fostered: A Family Tale of Forbidden Love

Written on 07-16-2014 by Tina Tirrell

I'm so excited to present my new taboo series, my first story series. And thank you to Ardour Press for encouraging us authors to write the stories we love, the ones that just have to be told, the ones we know you, our readers, will love.

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Sex Is Part of Nature

Written on 07-05-2014 by Cheri Lille

"Sex is a part of nature. I go along with nature."

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Condom Commercial with a New Approach

Written on 04-17-2014 by Samantha Reading

L. Condoms is looking for a few good men. It's a condom manufacturer with a new approach, appealing to the "good men" who care about their partners, themselves, and even what's good for the environment.

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Doing It Properly

Written on 04-07-2014 by Samantha Reading

“I believe that anyone who says that sex is overrated just hasn’t done it properly.”

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Your Own Story Idea Brought to Life—without Even Having to Write It

Written on 03-02-2014 by Tina Tirrell

You love to read a gooooood dirty story. You’re practically drowning in favorite fantasies you enjoy all to yourself, and nearly every situation leads to brilliant ideas for how it could turn sexy at any minute.

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Better Behaving Men

Written on 02-26-2014 by Cheri Lille

"I found out that the more nudity there is the better behaved men are."

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Doing My Part to Make the Erotica Genre as Hot as It Should Be

Written on 02-13-2014 by Tina Tirrell

I was browsing the interesting looking erotica titles in the Kindle store and one book cover caught my eye. The book description wasn’t too appealing-nor was the cover - but it was the single review for the book that really took my attention.

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Honoring Our Sexuality

Written on 02-12-2014 by Cheri Lille

"Acknowledging and honoring our sexuality is part of creating an environment where conscious, mindful and compassionate relationships can be cultivated."

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You Love a Big Tease!

Written on 02-11-2014 by Tina Tirrell

She’s hot as hell, unabashedly inviting, and you can never get enough… because - perhaps - she doesn't ever let you have her. ;)

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Sex & Reincarnation

Written on 12-08-2013 by Liam Holt

"Sex is one of the nine reasons for reincarnation - the other eight are unimportant."

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A Free Book Sample with Every Book!

Written on 11-11-2013 by Tina Tirrell

One thing I LOVE about publishing with Ardour Press is that they insist that every hot book includes a bonus free sample of another hot book to tempt you with. No, they won’t even let their authors say they don’t want to give away free samples! And yeah, I think it’s a great idea!

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It's Okay to Look

Written on 11-06-2013 by Cheri Lille

"I realized that part of my power over men is not just my body. I recognized my power in not hating him for wanting to look."

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It's Only Gonna Get Hotter

Written on 11-01-2013 by Tina Tirrell

I have to say a huge THANK-YOU to all of you for welcoming me to the web and being so great with checking out my stories and sending me your awesome reviews!! You’re making the writing life – sexy as it is – even better than I always dreamed of!!

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Sex Is Good

Written on 10-28-2013 by Cheri Lille

"Sexual energy is neither good nor bad. It is natural. It is neutral. It is just energy."

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Test Your Fetish Awareness

Written on 10-27-2013 by Tina Tirrell

One thing I learned early on in my own “exploration,” is that everything is or can be a fetish. Now, Huffington Post believes we haven’t heard of any of these 46 fetishes they’ve posted a little list of.

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Sex Is Fun

Written on 10-14-2013 by Liam Holt

"Sex is fun. Sex is more fun to do than to talk about. But if you're in a place where you can't do it, then talk about it, what the hell."

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Sex & Creativity

Written on 10-08-2013 by Tina Tirrell

“If sex and creativity are often seen by dictators as subversive activities, it’s because they lead to the knowledge that you own your own body (and with it your own voice), and that’s the most revolutionary insight of all.”

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His Girlfriend's Legs in Fishnets

Written on 10-07-2013 by Tina Tirrell

Now, why have I never thought of this photo idea? Photographer Daido Moriyama noticed his own girlfriend’s mesmerizing fishnets one day…

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