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Introducing Our Own Brand of Erotic Audio

We're proud to introduce our newest erotic offering for your personal pleasure:

Aural Orgasms erotic audio by Ardour Press

Aural Orgasms is the new home of our new, developing catalog of audio erotica.  Now, we're catering to your listening pleasure as well as the quality erotic reading you love so much.  We've teamed up with the hottest erotic performer online today to bring you professional acting and true-to-life fantasies to personally experience.

Our beginning catalog of erotic audio mp3 selections holds so many enticing choices that we know you're going to have a hard time selecting the first to try.  And do try them all... listen to a free preview sample of everything we've cooked up for you!

There are fetish fantasies, virtual sex scenarios, fun phone sex and one-on-one experiences to choose from, and a hot story series to dip into and make this summer your hottest yet.  Follow Aural Orgasms on Twitter to catch all the sweet, sweet news.

We're beginning with a special selection of audio erotica aimed at our male readers—we welcome all suggestions and requests from you, our readers (and now, our listeners!)—and we know you'll help guide us toward bringing you everything you women would love to listen to as well.  Just email us at Aural Orgasms directly to share your own ideas, feedback, and more.  

And don't shy away from taking a peek at the audio erotica awaiting you... listen in, taste a bit, see how we succeed in seducing you in an all-new way.  Visit Aural Orgasms now.  It was created just for you.

Aural Orgasms erotic audio by Ardour Press

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