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What Readers Are Saying about Author Tina Tirrell

Written on 08-10-2014 by Samantha Reading

We love receiving your reviews (especially online where your comments help spread the word about our sexy catalog of books!) and any comments about your favorite authors, books, and more. We know how amazing our hand-selected authors are and how they will delight you, and we love hearing about your experiences when you discover them—and their arousing talent—for yourself.

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Doing My Part to Make the Erotica Genre as Hot as It Should Be

Written on 02-13-2014 by Tina Tirrell

I was browsing the interesting looking erotica titles in the Kindle store and one book cover caught my eye. The book description wasn’t too appealing-nor was the cover - but it was the single review for the book that really took my attention.

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