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Doing My Part to Make the Erotica Genre as Hot as It Should Be

I was browsing the interesting looking erotica titles in the Kindle store and one book cover caught my eye. The book description wasn’t too appealing-nor was the cover - but it was the single review for the book that really took my attention.

Some reader searching for quality erotica and hoping to find an easy, fun, stimulating read ended up coming across a dud. It happens all the time, in every genre, but I really hate it when it happens in my own favorite genre to write in… especially when a reader of erotica is usually after one basic thing that should be fairly simple to provide: a turn on! ;)

This poor reader who ended up giving an author’s book a try, and being disappointed, took the time to post a review, but it was how he shared with anyone who happens by that he’s beginning to get disappointed in all of erotica that is really, really sad:

“I’m afraid that I can’t tell you much about this book. The whole premise seemed to become more juvenile as the book progressed. Maybe it got better, but I won’t know because I quit reading and removed it. The writing was acceptable. I was simply bored with the story and felt that continuing was a waste of MY time. Got to quite expecting much from these cheap and free books, especially ones that hint at some erotica. Maybe I need to revise my definition of erotica and give up on hoping to find decent literature.”

I just don’t want YOU to become one of them, one of the readers of erotica that becomes disenchanted with the whole genre when you come across too many duds. So, keep reading, keep reviewing, and if you haven’t already, try my books! And let me know what you think and how we can make the whole genre better… together! :)

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