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Delve into the Ongoing Sensual Series You Won't Be Able to Get Enough Of!

Don't miss out!  Delve into our growing new series to keep your tastes tempted endlessly...

When our readers demand it, our most arousing authors are acutely keen on transforming uber-popular titles into series of their own.  Why should the fun end after one story leaves you so impacted?

For every title that is part of an ongoing series, the series title—and the book's position within the series—is listed on the book's page right here on  Just click on the series title to read more about the series and why you'd be insane not to dip into it and to see a list of all the books that are part of the series.

Do keep in mind... every title in a series is designed to stand well on its own.  So, if you happen into a series but haven't yet read the first or previous books, no worries!  You'll enjoy every title in any order you happen to choose to enjoy them.

Our latest popular title to merit continuing in the form of its own series is author Tina Tirrell's His First Lesson... now part of the His First Lessons series continuing with the brand-new release His Second Lesson!

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