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Your Own Story Idea Brought to Life—without Even Having to Write It

You love to read a gooooood dirty story.  You’re practically drowning in favorite fantasies you enjoy all to yourself, and nearly every situation leads to brilliant ideas for how it could turn sexy at any minute.

Yep, you, the readers and lovers of erotica, are brimming with hot story ideas of your own.  Imagine the fun of those ideas coming to life on the page for you to read… without you even having to write them!

One of my biggest fans gets to enjoy that very experience and very soon.

Inspired by the season (I’m guessing), my fan wrote in a great idea for a taboo mother/son scenario, one he’d love to read himself.  And you know what?  I love the challenge of creating an entire story, beginning to end, from one idea… that I may not have even thought of myself.  It’s so much fun!

And oh, what a hot new book I’ve been working on because of it.  ;)  It’s not due for release just yet, but the cover design is actually already underway.  Yes, I’m giving you a big sneak peek!  My first story, prompted by a fan’s own fantasies, will look much like this…

Snowed in by Tina Tirrell taboo family erotica

Feel free to imagine just what sexy fun you’ll soon be reading between the covers!!  And THANK  YOU to my fan and reader who shared his cool idea with me and challenged me to write a full story around.  ;)

You’re gonna love being Snowed In!

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