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The Sweetening Continues

Can it get any sweeter?  It can when Sweetening Principal Parker, the story of young Clive who accidentally transforms the school principal into a younger, sexier, bimbo version of herself—and is greatly rewarded for it!—continues...

Sweetening Principal Parker was so much fun to write (I love when erotica meets sci-fi!), still one of my most popular titles, and the young main character so childishly innocent in the most erotic of circumstances, that I just had to turn the sexy "sweetening" into a series with a followup book coming very soon.

This time, it's Clive's classmates—twin sisters—that begin to show a whole new side of themselves!  Watch for the upcoming release of Sweetening the Twins!

Sweetening the Twins transformation fantasy erotic ebook series by Tina Tirrell

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