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Fostered: A Family Tale of Forbidden Love

I'm so excited to present my new taboo series, my first story series.  And thank you to Ardour Press for encouraging us authors to write the stories we love, the ones that just have to be told, the ones we know you, our readers, will love.  

With that freedom and encouragement, my inspiration can run wild, and my taste for the taboo storylines has taken a new turn in my new novelette just released today.  Fostered is my first tale featuring a foster family, and only time will tell (or... maybe I have a really good idea!) what else will be "fostered" as this family dynamic develops.  Some family members will grow closer, some farther apart.  Trials, tribulations, and tormenting thoughts turned to shocking actions are bound to occur.

Fostered by Tina Tirrell New Forbidden Taboo Romance Series

What I love most, perhaps, about where my mind has taken me with these all-new characters is how slowing down the story, focusing on the subtleties, and allowing the relationships to develop most naturally all helps to create this intense, erotic drama showing just how, why, and how hot a taboo relationship can develop.  Foster mother and son begin so innocent and unassuming.  Their personalities are so honest and genuine.  What happens between them is—and will continue to be—the only natural relationship that could possibly come of it all.

So, don't hesitate to step into the story with the first novelette.  Let a true, heartfelt, nurturing relationship gradually develop into an achingly profound story of forbidden lust.

My new series is destined to be an epic tale of one family's life of forbidden love, sensual conflict, sexual tension, and seriously arousing happenings.  I hope you'll lose yourself in it and enjoy all that I have in store for you.  

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