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Our Full Catalog - Soon to Be Released in Audio!

Written on 08-24-2018 by Samantha Reading

All your favorite genres... all your favorite titles... are queuing for release in alluring audio!

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The Most Arousing Books... in the Most Intimate Form

Written on 08-21-2014 by Samantha Reading

We've been actively developing audio versions of our hottest book titles to bring you every title in our catalog in audio format. You'll soon be able to pick and choose your favorite way to experience the most arousing writing online. Imagine cuddling up while our saucy narrator reads softly into your ear...

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New Releases Coming to Smashwords & Other Bookstores!

Written on 08-19-2014 by Samantha Reading

You've been waiting long enough. We have NEW releases shipping to Smashwords soon! If you haven't peeked in on our home on Smashwords lately, you may not even realize our latest title and first box set is published and available for Smashwords readers!

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Introducing Our Own Brand of Erotic Audio

Written on 07-26-2014 by Samantha Reading

We're proud to introduce our newest erotic offering for your personal pleasure: Aural Orgasms, the créme de la créme of arousing audio.

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The Sweetening Continues

Written on 07-22-2014 by Tina Tirrell

Can it get any sweeter? It can when Sweetening Principal Parker, the story of young Clive who accidentally transforms the school principal into a younger, sexier, bimbo version of herself—and is greatly rewarded for it!—continues...

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Your Own Story Idea Brought to Life—without Even Having to Write It

Written on 03-02-2014 by Tina Tirrell

You love to read a gooooood dirty story. You’re practically drowning in favorite fantasies you enjoy all to yourself, and nearly every situation leads to brilliant ideas for how it could turn sexy at any minute.

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It's Only Gonna Get Hotter

Written on 11-01-2013 by Tina Tirrell

I have to say a huge THANK-YOU to all of you for welcoming me to the web and being so great with checking out my stories and sending me your awesome reviews!! You’re making the writing life – sexy as it is – even better than I always dreamed of!!

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