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Under Her Control: Rewards of Submitting to Her Seduction

Under Her Control: Rewards of Submitting to Her Seduction

a Dominant Woman Erotica Collection (3-Book Femdom Box Set)

Box set featuring The Big Tease, Worship Me, Yes, Please

Ultimate, Unrelenting Seduction Is the Game; Three Sexy, Dominating Women Fan the Flame.

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Ultimate, Unrelenting Seduction Is the Game; Three Sexy, Dominating Women Fan the Flame.

This gripping erotic box set bundles together author Tina Tirrell's most infamous stories of intense tease, excruciating longing, and ultimate submission to the divine seductress. Three men try to fight the allure of the keen temptress in their lives, and all three fail... much to their reward. 

Worship Me

The Sweetest Stranger May Be the Ultimate Sex Goddess 

Step by gradual step, moment to exhilarating moment, he learns to worship... His heated prayers are answered when she grants her new devotee the divine right to pleasure her—orally—and rewards his devotion with the ultimate fulfillment of his self-release. 

Yes, Please

The sight of her is so stimulating, the incidental discoveries so arousing--and they're all designed for a singular purpose she has in mind. 

Forced to reveal the physical proof of what his mind dwells on, he's confronted with one final temptation: her request for him to fulfill her one desire that she's found his father can't

The Big Tease

It can't be cheating if there's no touching involved. Can it? 

He continually fails to believe that his friendly neighbor knows what her words, confessions, and descriptions due to him as she shares just what she does with her boyfriend behind closed doors and how she just can't help the effect she has on the opposite sex. Presumed innocence can be the most arousing temptation of all. 

Her Dominant Seduction & Sexy Teasing Ways ~ His Willing Submission, Relenting to Her Whims & Commands ~ Their Hot Femdom Encounters

....  She stepped closer to me, her eyes locked on mine, me too afraid to look at her cleavage anymore.  A miracle all in itself.

"Take... off... your... pants."  She couldn't be any more clear than that.

I followed her command.  That's what it actually was.  She didn't ask; she told me to do it.  That same part of my brain that was all gung-ho argued that, when it comes to a statement from a beautiful woman rather than a question, there was no reason to hesitate.

My pants were down around my ankles.  My erection was doing its part to hold up my boxer shorts.

I wondered if this was the time to approach her, to kiss her or something, but I waited for just one more bit of proof that she wanted what my cock was dying to provide.

She raised her hands to her voluptuous breasts and started to fondle them.  My eyes followed her fingers as they smoothed over her skin, traced her shape, and wrapped themselves around her tits.

"I know you want me," she said in that husky voice that I was beginning to crave more of.  She felt her own breasts like they turned her on.  She caressed them like she loved them.  I was falling for them too.

I was speechless, salivating over her tits again, not caring if she realized it this time.

"You want my beautiful breasts," she said as she stepped even closer to me, her hands showing off the weight and feel and size of her breasts for me.  "Worship them," she said.

I looked into her eyes, trying to quickly determine what she meant, what she wanted. She leaned her back against the kitchen counter, getting all the more into her own breast massage.

"Get on your knees, and worship these tits," she directed.

My knees gave out from under me before I had the chance to give them permission.  I was on her kitchen floor, hitting the hard tile in a kneeling position, my cock straining against the front of my boxer shorts at an agonizing angle.

Her amazing chest was above me then, like an erotic display I couldn't acknowledge as real.  She looked down on me, her pretty face just visible over her tits jutting out from her shapely body.  Her legs spread slightly, assuming a firm stance expressing her dominance over me.  The gentle mound between her legs became visible under her thin dress, making me acutely aware of how very close it actually was to my face.  My cock quivered at the thought.

"Worship me," she said.  "Show me your devotion."  She nudged my hard cock with the tip of her shoe.

The touch, that first touch from her, made me ache for her.  Her words, every phrase, swirled around in my confused, disbelieving mind.  I was kneeling on a stranger's kitchen floor, the tiles already bruising my bare knees, my cock the hardest I've ever known it to get, and the woman standing over me seemed more gorgeous with every second.

I did want to worship her.  I wanted to be worthy.

"Stroke to me," she instructed, giving me permission to address that intense aching in my nuts.

I whipped my underwear over my protruding cock.  No hesitation this time.  It felt so good in my hand.  I started beating off at a crazy rate.

"No!" she corrected, instantly stopping the amazing show taking place above me.  "You must show your devotion.  You will only come with my permission.  Stroke slowly."  ....

Average Rating: 5.0/5.0 from 3 reviews

1) "The Big Tease" -- A man married to a nagging wife has the great good fortune to have a sexy young neighbor who wants to borrow some sugar. Ah, honey honey. April the "candy girl" pops over wearing a t-shirt that covers a hot-pink bikini top and cutoff denim shorts, cut off somewhere just south of Saskatchewan. Hair in pigtails, too: just another daddy's-little-girl sucking on a Dr Pepper at the gas station on a hot summer day, lor' ha' mercy. :) Ms. Tirrell goes into a little detail about the pigtails: she has our aroused hero ponder somewhat indignantly that young women just don't realize what pigtails do to us, making us remember things like lollipop licking contests ... whoa, wait just a minute there. There were lollipop licking contests??? I *clearly* went to the wrong school. Well, anyway, the brat, drunk with power, controls our hero in a hands-off manner. Tirrell's sense of the ludicrous will keep you laughing to the end: "I keep thinking about how bad I made *her* feel." So much for Slave # 1.

2) "Worship Me" -- A man in the melon aisle is confronted by a goddess with a pair of her own magnificent honeydews. Why does this never happen to me? I was at the grocery store last night and was obliged to wait for a bearded hipster while he solemnly pondered which runty-looking "organic" plums to buy. Dude was blocking the aisle. Oh wait, this is erotic *fantasy*, right. Well, anyway, the Goddess contrives to get the hypnotized man to help her with her groceries, both at the parking lot and all the way to her house. You can guess what happens next. A key passage from Ms. Tirrell here: "I'd never submitted to a woman before. I was never *asked* to. Every girlfriend I ever had always waited for me to make all the moves." This is not just the speculation of a female writer of erotica; this is fact. We *could* ponder why women (in general) don't seem to take advantage of their erotic power over men more often than they do -- and yes, there are many reasons for that -- but that's a doctoral thesis. Suffice it to say that some of us dudes can only mourn the reality while appreciating the fantasy Ms. Tirrell graciously serves up to us. The narrator concludes, "In that moment, I belonged to her. Every part of me, every wave of pleasure." When a man loves a woman, in other words.

3) "Yes Please" -- Ms. Tirrell brings us back to the Rich Creep / Trophy Wife / Randy Stepson scenario with this last tale in the collection. I picture Ms. Tirrell knowingly laughing whenever she hits upon certain great truths. Example: our young hero finds a pair of Stepmom's sexy underwear in the washing machine, and he sniffs them. Money quote: "But the heavy scent of our laundry detergent still turned me on." And our author, sitting back in her chair, looking at her screen while holding a mug of nice herbal tea, wickedly smirks. Boy does she get it. D.H. Lawrence called it "sex in the head" -- a chronic condition suffered by those, like our young hero in the story, who find erotic connotations in anything and everything when they're consumed with desire for a person. In fact, Tirrell has her narrator mutter to himself the same thing: "D--k-over-brains." Anyway, the story proceeds along the usual teasing lines, including that dear old standby, the Suntan Lotion Scene ... but for the culmination, Tirrell throws a startling curveball at us. Stepmom has a Purpose. Read it for yourself to see what that might be.

Tina Tirrell, in her varied examinations of femdom fantasies, once again turns us on while also revealing the overall silliness of the human condition. Or the male condition, at least. :) 5 out of 5.

Oh, to be in these men's places and submit to such powerful, in-control women!  I love the way they tease AND please!

Fantastic!  This collection offers exactly the kind of female characters I lust after most!

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