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Getting Hers: Getting It On & Getting Complete Gratification

Getting Hers: Getting It On & Getting Complete Gratification

an Erotic Quickie Collection of Women's Sexual Fantasies (3-Book, 11-Story Box Set)

Box set featuring Catching a Quickie, His Toy, Laundry Day

an Erotic Quickie Collection of Women's Sexual Fantasies

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It's Time We Women Got Ours. Don't you agree?

A treat for every taste, a delicious morsel for every inclination, awaits in this anthology collection of erotica for women. You'll find your personal favorites—and be inspired with new fantasies—in this erotica box set by author Cheri Lille packed with a rewarding total of ELEVEN short stories designed to turn you on. 

Catching a Quickie

Devilishly-satisfying erotic stories designed to touch your sweet spot. 

A Proper Welcome is just what a female solo traveler finds when she wanders into an English pub. 

A woman finds a sexy female stranger watching to be the biggest turn on of all as she's spontaneously compelled to give the voyeur a sexy, self-pleasuring show and finds herself Dreaming of a Girl

By Candlelight proves to be the sexiest way to enjoy all the pleasures of bath time with a hot male lover. 

My Demise is a woman's welcome submission as her boyfriend surprises her with an impromptu and very unique way of proposing. 

Finding time for a heated session just before a woman's partner goes off to work pays off, and Catching a Quickie proves to be nothing short of completely satisfying. 

In the Corner offers the most intense scene of sensual voyeurism that soon invites a threesomeexperience this shy woman never anticipated. 

It's all in the eye contact when a tempting stranger provokes a mutual promise of an impending affair with an Unspoken Agreement

His Toy

The joys of being his toy are endlessly fulfilling, both in surrender and submission and delicious dominance. 

These women are more than willing, undeniably eager, and even audacious in their sexual comfort and confidence, each playing the role of the perfect partner in their own unique ways. Peeking into the bedrooms of three distinctly different relationships treats you to a voyeur's view of hot, impromptu role-play, first-time experiences, the granting of the ultimate sensual gifts, and an authentic sense of sexual adventure. 

Laundry Day

Who says a sexy, sizzling afternoon can't develop from an utterly awkward, incredibly embarrassing moment? Even on Laundry Day. 

It's easy to recognize the most mortifying moment of your life when it's glaring at you with the most brilliant blue eyes and perfect, gently tousled hair—and swinging your most intimate, still-wet undergarment in his hand. How could such a sexy stranger, such a chance occurrence, land right in your lap, saying all the right things, making you blush in a way that just makes you all the more attractive to him, and triggering such an incredible afternoon, on Laundry Day

I walked into the small-town pub, unaware that I’d soon be matching a face to the nameless man who dominated my private fantasies.  I’d left the States on an urge to travel and find out what the rest of the world has to offer.  On my solo journey through England, I was learning to live life by the moment and shun inhibitions.  I wasn’t going to let any opportunity pass me by, of any kind. 

To my delight, the local “Brit” men were particularly charming, all gentlemanly to visiting girls and always up for playing ambassador to their native country.  And the accent!  There’s nothing like a sexy foreigner speaking proper English with a bit of sexy slang tossed in to keep you on your toes.

I’d found a cozy, leather seat among the traditional pub decor and surveyed the crowded scene for someone interesting to meet.  And then, I saw him.

It was the blonde, meticulously spiked hair that caught my attention.  I had more than a thing for men with spiked hair; it was practically a fetish.  I visualized a sexual deviant lurking beneath the surface.  This one had the longest lashes framing his blue eyes.  When the dim lighting was reflected, I glimpsed the small, steel stud piercing just below his lower lip. 

I almost lost myself, imagining the taste of that mouth, when I noticed his eyes focused directly on me.  Our shared gaze was broken when a flirty redhead approached him, smiled sweetly, and shouted to him over the loud music.  My object of desire stepped behind the bar to select a bottle, poured a round of shots for his customer, and seized one for himself.  Not only was he hot, he was the bartender.  Despite the potential challenge, I had to have him for myself. 

I continued to observe him from afar, remaining mysterious and catching his attention despite the distractions surrounding him.  When he glanced my way more intently, I threw him my most lascivious smile.  At his first opportunity, he sauntered across the room and stood over me.  He oozed sex appeal from every pore.  I was butter melting at his feet.

“May I join you?”  The accent actually complimented his tough image.

I concealed my blush with a cool smile.  “Of course.”

His name was Duncan, and his distinct manner of speech caused me to grow more aware of the blood rushing between my legs with every sentence.  Yet, when he offered to show me around town during my stay, I felt thwarted.

“Unfortunately, I’m leaving tomorrow.  Tonight is my last night,” I lamented.

“Then, we’ll have to make it a memorable one.”  He returned to his post, leaving me to wonder what he had in mind.

When I was later en route to the ladies’ room, Duncan snagged me as I walked past.  “Would you like to help me choose the music?”

“Sure,” I offered.

Duncan pointed to a closet-sized room lined with shelves of CDs.  I heard the door shut behind us and turned to find Duncan with a mischievous grin.  “I’ve been waiting to have you all to myself,” he admitted, daring me to give in to the longing that had tortured me all night.

He pressed my back against the shelves while I met his lowered mouth.  His full lips tasted of sweet liquor, nearly drowning mine.  He held my arms at my sides as I opened my mouth further to accept more of his urging tongue. 

He cupped my ass in both hands and then squeezed hard as his tongue pierced my mouth with a final jab.  His growing bulge pressed into my lower stomach making me long to see the treasure hidden there.  His grip didn’t loosen until the convincing kiss ended, leaving my lips tingling in the absence of pressure.  I matched his intense stare as he knelt before me.  I nearly panted, actually growing moist in anticipation, while his long fingers moved to my jeans and slowly pulled down the zipper.

A fist pounding on the locked door startled us, and we hurried out of the room, not looking too awfully obvious.  After all, selecting music to keep pace with a demanding crowd was serious business.  As I slipped past Duncan, he asked if I’d stick around until closing time.  “That was just a test,” he teased.  I could hardly wait.

When closing time finally came, I anxiously watched the crowd scatter.  Duncan and I waited for his workmates to disperse after the lock-in and complimentary rounds of drinks.  When we were finally alone, I excused myself to freshen up and returned to find a makeshift bed on the floor before the grand fireplace.  Duncan had borrowed red velvet cushions from the surrounding couches.  “It’s warm by the fire,” he coaxed.

He directed me to lie down and slipped his shirt over his head to reveal the unbelievable chest his t-shirt had been hiding all night.  I sighed aloud as he lay next to me and fingered the buttons on my shirt.  My skin tingled and my breasts swelled with the slow release of each button.  He deliberately paused between each one, adding to my agony.  “Touch me,” I begged.

Duncan obediently removed my clothes and rested a warm palm on my stomach, radiating heat and heightening my anticipation.  His mouth consumed mine again, and I reached for his ass, pricking him with my nails as I squeezed.  Every moment that my most eager spot between my legs was purposely ignored, I dug my nails deeper into his flexed muscle. 

When I could no longer stand the torment, he placed his hand between my legs and slid a single finger gently inside me.  A shockwave of pleasure rolled through my entire body, followed by a shiver standing the tiniest hairs on end.  I trembled beneath Duncan’s deft hand while his mouth plucked my large nipples, one at a time, and rolled them between his teeth. 

He monitored my every reaction with his intense gaze.  I winced in delight when he grabbed a handful of breast and twisted its mass, creating an entirely new sensation.  I strained to reach his mouth with mine and defined the rhythm I craved between my legs.  He obliged with a second and third finger twirling inside me, reaching every responsive inch.  My hips rose, quivering, and I braced myself for the final wave of sensation that would send me over the edge.

Instead, Duncan quickly freed his fingers to release his own eager member, its smooth skin stretched tight.  I tugged on it roughly, pumping it to an impossible hardness, and guided him into me, feeling his large mass pass slowly inside me.  “Wait for me,” Duncan whispered huskily.  He slapped the weight of his body against mine, our moist skin sparkling in the firelight, as he drilled into me over and over, faster and faster, until my body arched to meet his for the definitive plunge.  We shuddered together and weakly collapsed in exhaustion.

The sun was coming up over the rolling green hills lined with ancient stone fences as Duncan and I left the pub, disappearing before the early morning cleaners arrived.  I signaled a cab for my return to the hostel I was staying at.  ....

Average Rating: 5.0/5.0 from 3 reviews

1) "Catching a Quickie" -- An astonishing collection of "flash-erotica" -- some of it only 100 words -- and short erotic stories by Cheri Lille. Varied in incident, mood, experience, and feeling, these sexy amuse-bouches do have one thing in common: they are all first-person perspectives of women. Women readers will nod their heads in recognition; male readers may learn a thing or two. A lot of it feels almost autobiographical, if Ms. Lille forgives the observation. There are some unusually singular moments in these fictions. Of special note: "In the Corner" starts on a dark, almost degrading note, as the narrator watches her husband and another woman have sex, sex that had been mutually agreed upon. The small narrative charts the course of the narrator's slow triumph over her own jealousy and fear. Brilliant writing. Another moment that attains High Lit: the most incredible piece of writing I've ever read from Ardour Press: "My Demise". I will not quote a word of it; it needs to be experienced, and reflected upon (bearing the title in mind, too), without prelude. It is poetry in prose-form. It reminded me of some of the great poems by Anne Sexton. Deeply personal and profound. WOW.

2) "His Toy" -- Good lord. Cheri Lille ain't playin', here. All sex all the time, featuring two wives, a girlfriend, and their lucky-as-eff partners in separate stories. i) "A Gift for My Husband" -- The longest in the collection, it also has the longest build-up, but even the build-up is pure sex: a gorgeous wife with a massive rack takes her husband to a nightclub. She's dressed to kill. "Well, I don't have a problem playing the part of both: a lady and a sexpot." (Secret: not mutually exclusive things!) She spies a petite thing on the dance-floor and suffers an attack of apparently always-latent bi-curiosity. The wife snakes her way onto the floor, and the two fend off ravenous males and get into their own thing. God, I loved the car-ride home: the babes in the back, legs all entwined ... good lord. And when the three get home? If I say more, this review won't get posted. ii) "His Toy" -- Best opening sentence ever? "My boyfriend wanted a three-day 'sex-party' for his twenty-first birthday." Ms. Lille has a thoughtful approach, despite all the crazed rutting soon to follow: "He wanted a relaxing bath to clear our minds, clean our bodies, and connect our intentions ..." Later, Sex-Party Boyfriend makes his gf dress like a little schoolgirl, an impromptu male lap-dance occurs, and other things happen that I really can't go into. The Greatest GF Ever narrates, "I recalled every porn flick I'd ever seen and put their pointers into practice." Question for you, hon: will you marry me? iii) "My Inner Whore Makes an Appearance" -- Hm. How about I let the title speak for itself. :)

3) "Laundry Day" -- The sole stand-alone story in this large group. Beautiful young woman, alone in the world, encounters a floppy-haired beefcake in the laundromat. But before we get to all that, author Cheri Lille gets in the head of her charming heroine. We learn a little about what she's like, what she wants, and her experiences with men. If she's a little cynical, it's from experience rather than from any chip on her shoulder. (She admits she's around 30.) She's experienced enough to take in the men at the laundromat and immediately tick off "Too Old, Too Weird, Dressed by His Mom, Still Lives with His Mom, Too Much Hair, Not Enough Hair". The narrator doesn't believe in any Prince Charmings (good, because they don't exist). Perhaps because she's weary of being let down, she retreats into a world of erotic fantasy: a Penthouse letter sets her off on an adventure with a vibrator when she gets home from the laundromat. That pleasantry completed, she realizes -- omg! -- that she left her special sexy thong at the laundromat! Panicked, she runs back to the laundromat and encounters her fantasy: he of the vintage t-shirt and Floppy Hair. :) What follows is straight-up erotica of the type designed for women to read: light humor, much more kissing, a slower pace, a gentler approach, a focus on what our heroine is *feeling* rather than just on the acts themselves. Ms. Lille's narrator says early on, "And I've been around long enough -- gone on enough bad dates -- to realize that I may just have to put myself in front of HIM. That I just have to get out there and help give him a little shove." And so she eventually will with her fantasy-come-true at the laundromat. Today, women can take what they want, and so they do. And if we like and respect them, they may just take *us* every now and again ... even if we're not hip enough to wear faux-vintage t-shirts. :)

In total, "Getting Hers" is a tremendous collection: all from a woman's POV, featuring a deeper focus on sensation and experience, glimpses of female carnality at its most savage and intimate ... and, candles. Lots of candles. :)

5 out of 5 -- a must-buy.

I get tired of chick lit and tired of the 'hard' kind of stuff too.  And sometimes, I just want to be introduced to something new.  I don't have too many favorite authors, but I'm buying everything Cheri Lille writes.  It just does it for me!

I'm so glad I stumbled on this erotica collection!  I love saving cash and spending it on erotica written just for women!  Cheri's good.  I mean, really good.  Don't pass up the chance to get such a huge variety pack of erotic reading!

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