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Catching a Quickie

Catching a Quickie

a Collection of Erotic Short Stories for Women

Featured in box set Getting Hers: Getting It On & Getting Complete Gratification

Devilishly-satisfying erotic stories designed to touch your sweet spot.

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Devilishly-satisfying erotic stories designed to touch your sweet spot.

Dip into seven saucy tales and erotically-infused stories tailor-made just for women and so scrumptious you'll want to keep them all to yourself! Fromflash erotica, telling a complete, compelling, sexy tale in just 100 words, to deliciously lengthy fantasies you can let go and get lost in, each story is told from a sensual, female perspective and guaranteed to get you going.

A Proper Welcome is just what a female solo traveler finds when she wanders into an English pub.

A woman finds a sexy female stranger watching to be the biggest turn on of all as she's spontaneously compelled to give the voyeur a sexy, self-pleasuring show and finds herself Dreaming of a Girl.

By Candlelight proves to be the sexiest way to enjoy all the pleasures of bath time with a hot male lover.

My Demise is a woman's welcome submission as her boyfriend surprises her with an impromptu and very unique way of proposing.

Finding time for a heated session just before a woman's partner goes off to work pays off, and Catching a Quickie proves to be nothing short of completely satisfying.

In the Corner offers the most intense scene of sensual voyeurism that soon invites a threesome experience this shy woman never anticipated.

It's all in the eye contact when a tempting stranger provokes a mutual promise of an impending affair with an Unspoken Agreement.

Get off, get it on, and get yourself going. Instant gratification is just a click away.

....  I walked into the small-town pub, unaware that I’d soon be matching a face to the nameless man who dominated my private fantasies.  I’d left the States on an urge to travel and find out what the rest of the world has to offer.  On my solo journey through England, I was learning to live life by the moment and shun inhibitions.  I wasn’t going to let any opportunity pass me by, of any kind. 

To my delight, the local “Brit” men were particularly charming, all gentlemanly to visiting girls and always up for playing ambassador to their native country.  And the accent!  There’s nothing like a sexy foreigner speaking proper English with a bit of sexy slang tossed in to keep you on your toes.

I’d found a cozy, leather seat among the traditional pub decor and surveyed the crowded scene for someone interesting to meet.  And then, I saw him.

It was the blonde, meticulously spiked hair that caught my attention.  I had more than a thing for men with spiked hair; it was practically a fetish.  I visualized a sexual deviant lurking beneath the surface.  This one had the longest lashes framing his blue eyes.  When the dim lighting was reflected, I glimpsed the small, steel stud piercing just below his lower lip. 

I almost lost myself, imagining the taste of that mouth, when I noticed his eyes focused directly on me.  Our shared gaze was broken when a flirty redhead approached him, smiled sweetly, and shouted to him over the loud music.  My object of desire stepped behind the bar to select a bottle, poured a round of shots for his customer, and seized one for himself.  Not only was he hot, he was the bartender.  Despite the potential challenge, I had to have him for myself. 

I continued to observe him from afar, remaining mysterious and catching his attention despite the distractions surrounding him.  When he glanced my way more intently, I threw him my most lascivious smile.  At his first opportunity, he sauntered across the room and stood over me.  He oozed sex appeal from every pore.  I was butter melting at his feet.

“May I join you?”  The accent actually complimented his tough image.

I concealed my blush with a cool smile.  “Of course.”

His name was Duncan, and his distinct manner of speech caused me to grow more aware of the blood rushing between my legs with every sentence.  Yet, when he offered to show me around town during my stay, I felt thwarted.

“Unfortunately, I’m leaving tomorrow.  Tonight is my last night,” I lamented.

“Then, we’ll have to make it a memorable one.”  He returned to his post, leaving me to wonder what he had in mind.

When I was later en route to the ladies’ room, Duncan snagged me as I walked past.  “Would you like to help me choose the music?”

“Sure,” I offered.

Duncan pointed to a closet-sized room lined with shelves of CDs.  I heard the door shut behind us and turned to find Duncan with a mischievous grin.  “I’ve been waiting to have you all to myself,” he admitted, daring me to give in to the longing that had tortured me all night.

He pressed my back against the shelves while I met his lowered mouth.  His full lips tasted of sweet liquor, nearly drowning mine.  He held my arms at my sides as I opened my mouth further to accept more of his urging tongue.  ....

Average Rating: 5.0/5.0 from 4 reviews

An astonishing collection of "flash-erotica" -- some of it only 100 words -- and short erotic stories by Cheri Lille. Varied in incident, mood, experience, and feeling, these sexy amuse-bouches do have one thing in common: they are all first-person perspectives of women. Women readers will nod their heads in recognition; male readers may learn a thing or two.

A lot of it feels almost autobiographical, if Ms. Lille forgives the observation. There are some unusually singular moments in these fictions. There are two bartender-boyfriends (or a conquest, in one case) in different stories. A half-asleep masturbation session suddenly becomes electrically bi-curious as the woman pleasuring herself randomly envisions a perky, dominant brunette watching her work. A seemingly long-standing couple finally get around to playing in the bathtub together ... in a darkened bathroom, with candles, of course. LOL! -- women WILL have their sex, fantastical or not, with candles, and in a bed by a roaring fire, as is the case in the first hot-as-hell story, "A Proper Welcome". The eponymous story, "Catching a Quickie", was so resonant to me personally that I smiled while reading it even as my heart hurt with memories of lovers long gone in my own life.

Also of special note: "In the Corner" starts on a dark, almost degrading note, as the narrator watches her husband and another woman have sex, sex that had been mutually agreed upon. The small narrative charts the course of the narrator's slow triumph over her own jealousy and fear. Brilliant writing.

Two other moments that attain High Lit: the last "flash", "Unspoken Agreement", is a glimpse into the mind of a beautiful, confident woman. "Yes, he will be the next. A stranger today. Tomorrow, my lover." The other moment is the most incredible piece of writing I've ever read from Ardour Press: "My Demise". I will not quote a word of it; it needs to be experienced, and reflected upon (bearing the title in mind, too), without prelude. It is poetry in prose-form. It reminded me of some of the great poems by Anne Sexton. Deeply personal and profound. WOW.

These moments -- almost like flashes of lightning that illuminate a woman's mind, heart, and yes, loins -- deserve a large audience.

5 out of 5 -- HIGHLY recommended.

"Quickies" are totally my thing.  They're all about spontaneity, great pre-play, getting satisfaction... I have to stop there before I get carried away.  :)  I think Cheri Lille is onto something here.  She's clearly targeted a female audience, women readers she really wants to give what we've all been waiting for.  She knows we're not ONLY into "sweet" or just into "romantic" and we aren't always looking for plain old "straight to it."  When it comes down to it, we want it ALL.  We want our choices, our variety, the freedom to go after whatever makes us happy.  And that's exactly what Cheri caters to.  You get it all in this book.  One of these stories in this collection WILL be your new favorite story.  And then, the next time your read it, you'll pick a different one!  But there will always be something that fits what you need when you need it.  Guaranteed.  :)

Cheri Lille knows what women want in their erotica!  Just the right amount of romance, if it's the goal of the story at all, and plenty of sex and sizzle.  I love the little sensual surprises too, that kind of get into the female mind in a way we can all relate to.

Hot!  I love this bundle of little stories, each offering something different and unexpected and ALL of them making me tingle... if you know what I mean!

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