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His Toy

His Toy

an Erotic Fiction Collection for Men and Women

Featured in box set Getting Hers: Getting It On & Getting Complete Gratification

The joys of being his toy are endlessly fulfilling, both in surrender and submission and delicious dominance.

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The joys of being his toy are endlessly fulfilling, both in surrender and submission and delicious dominance.

The female perspective tells all, describing every detail and confessing every tease and moment of ecstasy experienced with the men in their lives in three very different short stories.  Everyone wins, and the pleasurable benefits are plentiful for both sexes as these seductive female characters share the joys of thoroughly pleasing their men completely.

They're more than willing, undeniably eager, and even audacious in their sexual comfort and confidence, each playing the role of the perfect partner in their own unique ways.  Peeking into the bedrooms of three distinctly different relationships treats you to a voyeur's view of hot, impromptu role-play, first-time experiences, the granting of the ultimate sensual gifts, and an authentic sense of sexual adventure.

Reader Beware: Indulging in this erotic read may prompt new erotic ideas in your own mind and lead to a spicier sex life.

....  It's good to remind your husband now and then how lucky he is to be married to you.  Sometimes, I still can't even believe there's a ring on my finger.  I like to have fun, I like adventure, I like to try new things.  And, of course, that has to apply to sex as well. 

Before we got married, I was always dragging my husband to some sexy event or another.  It was my idea to save up an entire year's vacation fund to go to that hedonist resort in Jamaica.  For the anniversary of our first date, I think it was.  Now, that was some serious fun.  Still, it was all I could do to get him to take his shirt off in public or jump into the hotel's hot tub when a bunch of sexy strangers were in it.  You'd think he'd leap at the opportunity: all those barely covered breasts, itty bitty bikinis, and sexy young people who don't even know your name.  He would talk about the experience for weeks afterward, reliving it several times a day, but he was so shy in the moment.  That's just how he is.

I love him for it.  I do.  He's all mine; I know he always will be.  And that makes me want to maintain that role as his adventure guide as long as possible.  My little reward for him being such a loyal husband.  Or maybe my attempt to tap into that sexual beast I know he is somewhere inside?

Well, there's no time like the present, I always say.  I'd managed to drag my husband out to a club one Friday night, and he was actually getting into it.  Surprisingly, he really enjoyed getting dressed up for it in a nice shirt and dark jeans, some cool shoes I bought for him, and of course, he had fun dressing me up too.

The shoes were his idea.  He said they really showed off my legs and took some of the attention away from my breasts.  As if that was possible.  It's not like he didn't want anyone looking at my superb rack.  I think he just likes to think of me as a bit of a lady even when he loves for me to show off my hot body I work so hard to keep.

Well, I don't have a problem playing the part of both: a lady and a sexpot.  Why not?  I want all the advantages in life.  And, like I said, I consider it my wifely duty to help my husband enjoy all the same.

It's not like I actually set out to find a woman for my husband to fuck.  No, you can't say I'm guilty of that.  These things just happen.  It wasn't planned.  It wasn't even a special occasion.  We hadn't even talked about it before.  Maybe jokingly, but we definitely never formally agreed we would invite another woman into our bed one day. I wasn't even particularly in the mood to be quite so forward.  Not until I saw her.

She was everything I wasn't.  It's not like I wanted to be her either.  The best way I can describe it is that I just wanted—really wanted—to be with her.

I think I might've even gasped a little bit when I first saw her on the dance floor.  The music was so loud that my husband had no idea how affected I was.  We were holding up the bar, feeling that warmth of our drinks spread through our bodies and relax us, and my husband was staring off in some other direction.

I don't know how long I was watching her.  I was mesmerized by the way her hips undulated so smoothly in a way I could never get mine to.  She was all curvy, yet petite: a perfect hourglass shape.  She had the kind of body even other women covet.  And she was so young.  Like an ideal example of what youth is all about, the kind of sight that makes you wish you could drink her up and take all of her in.  Like she could cure all your ailments, just solve all your problems by being near her.

Her smile was so intoxicating.  She had all the men on the dance floor wrapped around her little finger.  She had me all wound up too.

I honestly had never thought of being with a woman before.  ....

Average Rating: 5.0/5.0 from 4 reviews

Good lord. Cheri Lille ain't playin', here. All sex all the time, featuring two wives, a girlfriend, and their lucky-as-eff partners in separate stories.

1) "A Gift for My Husband" -- The longest in the collection, it also has the longest build-up, but even the build-up is pure sex: a gorgeous wife with a massive rack takes her husband to a nightclub. She's dressed to kill. "Well, I don't have a problem playing the part of both: a lady and a sexpot." (Secret: not mutually exclusive things!) She spies a petite thing on the dance-floor and suffers an attack of apparently always-latent bi-curiosity. The wife snakes her way onto the floor, and the two fend off ravenous males and get into their own thing. God, I loved the car-ride home: the babes in the back, legs all entwined ... good lord. And when the three get home? If I say more, this review won't get posted.

2) "His Toy" -- Best opening sentence ever? "My boyfriend wanted a three-day 'sex-party' for his twenty-first birthday." Ms. Lille has a thoughtful approach, despite all the crazed rutting soon to follow: "He wanted a relaxing bath to clear our minds, clean our bodies, and connect our intentions ..." The bath is decorated with candles. Again. Ms. Lille really likes those candles. :) I'm sure they were extinguished as the water slopped over the edges from the couple's impassioned exercises. Later, Sex-Party Boyfriend makes his gf dress like a little schoolgirl, an impromptu male lap-dance occurs, and other things happen that I really can't go into. The Greatest GF Ever narrates, "I recalled every porn flick I'd ever seen and put their pointers into practice." Question for you, hon: will you marry me?

3) "My Inner Whore Makes an Appearance" -- Hm. How about I let the title speak for itself. :)

My hands are swathed in bandages as I type this review because my Kindle turned into a glowing, red-hot rectangle in my hands. Pro tip: wear oven mittens while reading.

5 out of 5. Hot, hot hot!

I'm a huge fan of Cheri Lille's writing; she's the kind of erotica author the world needs more of. And you readers of erotica know what I mean! She writes strong female characters who take charge, get what they want, and even give to the men in their lives as well. They're the kind of female characters I love to read in my erotica: bold, sometimes brash, sometimes dominant, sometimes submissive, but always insisting on getting what they want.

Maybe Cheri will deviate from this in the future - I'll be reading those books too - but His Toy has three great stories of women doing wild things with - and in front of - the men in their lives. And why not? This is the kind of book that turns on men AND women; Cheri's not playing favorites among her fan base. I do have a favorite out of the three stories though. A Gift for My Husband made me hot for the wife character who decides to surprise her own husband with the "gift" of a woman to share their bed! Talk about giving me ideas...

Don't miss out on this short story collection by a new author. You're going to want to follow her writing career and check out her future releases.

His Toy is the kind of erotic reading that I've been looking for all over the internet!  I have finally found what's really written to turn men on, and it happens to turn on women too!  My girlfriend loves these stories!

All I can say is... what lucky guys!  Cheri Lille's collection of stories makes me think more is possible in my own relationships... or should be!  I'm going to share His Toy with my wife... and see what happens!

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