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Boiling Point: Achingly Intense Taboo Intimacy

Boiling Point: Achingly Intense Taboo Intimacy

a Taboo First-Time Sex Bundles Collection* (3-Book Taboo Erotic Boxed Set)

Box set featuring Before Breakfast, Origin, Sticky Situation


As the heat rises; something—deep-seated, forbidden, and impossible to contain—is bound to erupt...

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As the heat rises; something—deep-seated, forbidden, and impossible to contain—is bound to erupt...

You think you're turned on by the taboo... you assume you know what to expect from forbidden intimacy... yet, you've never experienced them like this before. Authors Tina Tirrell and Liam Holt take you to the edge. It's easy for their level of talent and creativity, but you'll be forever changed. Foreveraffected. And there's no going back. 

Can a single taboo erotica collection change the way you experience the taboo? Take the leap, and find out if you sink or swim. Two intense stories and one complete erotic novelette are tucked inside this erotic anthology you'll never forget. 

Sticky Situation

They say strangers grow close when trapped in a shared predicament. What happens when two adults already in a close relationship are caught in a sticky situation is just nature taking over. 

The heat continues to rise as the situation grows increasingly sticky and the moral line, a boundary between roles and relationships, blurs until it disappears all together. Who can be faulted when the inevitable happens? Fault is the farthest thought from their minds. 


Coming of age as the son of the man all call Father comes with divine obligations and procreative consequences. 

When the full story and Silas's destiny are finally revealed, once Silas has grown into his manhood in desperation, struggling with—and continually forced to feed—his sordid, unexplained desires he's made every attempt to suppress, the truth is so shocking that Silas's once idyllic, innocent life is turned completely upside down as he realizes the full extent and meaning of family

Yet, he would never—could never—dare to disobey Father. 

Before Breakfast

She has no idea what she does to him... until it's all too obvious and way too late. 

Michael just can't hold back any longer. It's automatic, thoughtless, and absolutely insane; but the pressure builds, and Michael just can't help what he does, how his young mind reaches out for relief, how he just has to act so inappropriately, and how terribly taboo his unavoidable encounter with Sandra is, all before breakfast. 

Their First-Time Taboo Experiences... Certainly Won't Be Their Last!

Nature takes over.  It can't be helped.  It can't be stopped.  Two adults are drawn to each other in a way that just can't be prevented.  Their primal desires take over.  It's only natural.

Would you agree if you watched it happen?  If you could observe the slow, intricate progression from innocent to guilty?  Does it matter if one is much older than the other?  Does it matter if one is much more experienced, mature, and should know better?  Does it matter if the other is young, innocent, and never before touched?  Does it matter if one is responsible for the care, health, happiness, and nurturing of the other?  Does it matter if the two are related?  Would you judge what happens between a woman and her stepson?

They say shared tragedy brings strangers together, creates comradery from anonymity.  They say caged animals turn wild and dangerous, sometimes devouring one another.  What happens when stepmother and stepson find themselves trapped together in a predicament there is no way out of?  Is it right or very wrong?  You be the judge.



It all happened on a warm, Tuesday afternoon in July.  Carol and Jason, her stepson she had raised for almost all of his life, enjoyed a full day of shopping together, searching store after store for clothes for Jason for the new school year starting soon.  They struggled with armfuls of shopping bags while Jason, always the gentleman, gallantly carried the majority of the load to save his delicate stepmother the hardship.  With only a few city blocks left before they reached their high-rise apartment building, the two hurried to escape the heat and rest blissfully in the cool A/C of their apartment home awaiting them.

To anyone passing by, Carol and Jason could be mistaken for a pair of close friends, laughing and talking and spending the day together.  Or coworkers happily running errands together.  They were obviously well acquainted, close, and very comfortable with each other, but no stranger would necessarily assume they shared the same family name and, for all intents and purposes, were mother and son.

Carol was a buxom beauty, fit and shapely, and looking younger than her age.  She had raven black hair her husband, Jason's father, loved and insisted on.  He'd insisted on her breast augmentation as well.  There was no way to hide her massive cleavage and the two surprisingly freely bouncing breasts that demanded attention with every step she took in her high heels.

Jason had his father's dark, good looks and athletic build, passing easily for any age between fifteen and twenty-two.  He was serious about his schoolwork, planning for college much earlier than he needed to, and working hard to please his parents who doted on him.

The two dashed into the entrance of their building and waited impatiently for the agonizingly slow elevator that was well past its prime.

"I can't wait to get out of these shoes!" Carol proclaimed, out of breath, her breasts still heaving and shimmering with a delicate layer of sweat. 

Jason smiled and took in the sight of his stepmother's exhaustion combined with her ever-present beauty.  To him, she would always be "mother," but he figured life was all the more grand when your own mother was a very nice sight to look at and came with the added bonus of making all of his male friends jealous.  The heat only made his mother look, well, hot.  In his next thought, he focused on the weight of the shopping bags in his hands again.  That was his life: being continuously forced to recognize his own mother's attractiveness in one thought, then necessarily pushing himself to shake it off in the next.

"When is the elevator going to come!"  Jason knew it would be just a few more seconds, since three full minutes had already passed since he pressed the call button.

"Finally!" Carol sighed when she heard the elevator's arrival bell.  She was first to the doors as they parted, her round ass jiggling behind her as she sprinted toward the elevator.  Her thin summer dress was clinging, just a bit, to the small of her back where there was the tiniest, feminine patch of sticky sweat, making her dress suction itself to her curvy bum in the most flattering way.

Yes, Jason noticed.  Then, he forced his eyes to focus onto the elevator's ceiling as he dragged all of his bags inside with his stepmother. 

"What's for dinner now?" he asked as his stomach just started to ache.

"Oh, I don't know," Carol answered, resting her back against the wall of the elevator with her head tilted back and her eyes closed.  "Pizza?"  The elevator doors closed and the pulley system started to screech and clink as the elevator slowly moved to the second floor, headed for the twenty-fifth.

The rickety elevator creaked and whined as it jostled Carol's huge breasts, left, right, and up and down.  Jason lazily let his shopping load slump to the elevator's floor and rested against the rail for the long ride.  The heat and lack of circulating air made him suddenly very conscious of the uncomfortable way his damp jeans stuck to his upper thighs, drawing untimely attention to his crotch.  He tried to straighten one jeans leg and unglue the material from his body without embarrassing himself in front of his stepmother.  Thankfully, her eyes were still closed as she relaxed.

With a sudden jerk and louder-than-usual squeal, the elevator grinded to a halt on the eleventh floor.  Carol's eyes opened as she stood up and straightened her appearance in preparation for the doors parting and another person joining them for the ride.

Carol and Jason waited, watching the doors, for a whole thirty seconds before realizing the elevator doors weren't going to open.

"Oh, no," Carol accused first.  "Oh, not now!"

Jason hated to see his stepmother get frustrated, but any negative mood of hers never lasted very long.  She liked to get things off her chest, and then she relaxed.

"They'll fix it fast," Jason reminded her, barely bothered by the passing time.

"They better!"  Carol suddenly smiled at her stepson, almost laughed, and added, "I just wish there was some moving air in here."

"Yeah.  This heat's not good for a stuck elevator."

"Maybe it's the heat that's making it act up."

"Maybe," Jason agreed as he waited patiently to see the lights on the switchboard change. 

Carol started to press the button to force the doors open.

"I guess it's really stuck this time," Jason said.

Carol's eyes darted over to her stepson's.  "You don't think it's going to stay like this?"

"Did you see Jake at the desk downstairs?"


"Isn't he always the one that fixes the elevator?"

"Oh, God."

"And most everyone in the building is gone for the summer or at work right now."

"What are you saying?" Carol waited for Jason to throw in the punch line.  His talent for sarcasm was impeccable.

"That we're stuck.  For a while."


"I mean, I don't really know, but... do you see one of those emergency call buttons?"

"No!  I thought every elevator had one!"

"Me too.  But this one doesn't."

"Are you trying to scare me, Jason?"  Carol was still calm and lighthearted.  She appreciated her stepson's attempt to frighten her enough to make her feel less frightened.

"Well, it's no big deal.  Nothing's going to happen to us.  It's not like the elevator is just going to drop suddenly or anything."

"It can't.  Right?"

"I don't think so.  I just wish we had something to do in here.  I could die of hunger and boredom before the heat exhaustion gets me."

"I think it's the heat that's going to kill me first.  I'm giving it three more minutes, and then, I'm stripping."

Jason instantly glared at his stepmother; she was resting against the wall of the elevator with her eyes closed again.  He couldn't help but take in the sight of her fully then, noticing how her flimsy dress was growing damp and clinging to her curves in all the more places.  Without thinking, he pulled one of his new dress shirts, still wrapped and folded around a rectangle of cardboard, out of one of the shopping bags at his feet and started fanning his stepmother.

Without opening her eyes, she sighed, "aahhh, that feels nice.  You're so good to me."

As Jason watched, a chill visibly passed through her body at the rush of cooling air he fanned furiously at her.  When it reached her chest, her nipples grew.  His eyes instantly opened wide as he found he couldn't peel them away from the view.  Just couldn't.

His stepmother's slender, shapely body was as close to nude as it could be when clothed, considering how much her sticking dress became almost transparent with her sweet-smelling sweat wrapping around every inch of her.  Jason could even see the lace topping her thin bra right through the top of her dress.  The combined sight of bra pattern and hard nipples pressing through it made the crotch of his pants actually move.

That's when Jason started to struggle with all five of his senses recording every detail of the almost pornographic sight while his moral brain screamed at him to stop looking at his stepmother in her present condition.  He couldn't look away.  Not as long as her own eyes were closed and she would be completely unaware.

Not my mother, not my mother, not my mother, his mind repeated.  His plethora of hormones wouldn't allow him to avoid the opportunity to soak up the sight and commit it to memory, just like any page of a sex mag or erotic photo he came across online.  And memorize his stepmother's body he did: her tanned legs, small feet, the round shelf of her tight ass, the exact cup size of her breasts, her flat stomach, the depth of her cleavage, the estimated weight of the contents of her bra, the color of her bra straps, the blush of her cheeks, the length of her eyelashes, and the way her hair had started to mat over her forehead.

Her eyes opened, catching Jason in the act.

"You look like you're hungry enough to eat me!" she said with a laugh.

Jason tried to force a laugh himself, but couldn't get over the fact that the beast coming alive in the crotch of his pants had just twitched again as his stepmother spoke those words.

"I promise I'll order a pizza as soon as we get up there.  I would now if it wasn't for my phone battery going dead," Carol lamented.

"Ah, I bet you're regretting not getting me that iPhone I've been asking for year after year!"

"Ha!  You know what your father thinks about that.  Now, stop complaining.  We don't want to spend the whole time in here arguing."  With that, Carol suddenly started unbuttoning the tiny buttons at the top of her dress, quickly creating an even lower neckline revealing serious side boob.  "You don't mind, do you?"  ....

Average Rating: 5.0/5.0 from 3 reviews

1) "Sticky Situation" -- Short, sweet, sticky, and sexy divertimento by Tina Tirrell, about a young man, his stepmother, and a broken elevator. Ms. Tirrell's exquisite descriptions of the perspiring beauty in the elevator is enough to make anyone sticky. Several tropes pop up in Ms. Tirrel's work -- here, it's the Corrupt Older Man. He's barely mentioned, but we do learn that the father "insisted on [his wife's] breast augmentation as well". When Tirrell's moneybag fathers are not wasting money on pointless electronics, they're pointlessly trying to improve perfection. It is no wonder that her beautiful stepmom-heroines end up turning to the younger men -- idealistic, feeling desire for desire's sake -- in the household for the unalloyed passion and affection that seem to be missing in the actual marriages. Turns out that being in a "sticky situation" is as equally powerful a fantasy for women as it is for men.

2) "Origin" -- I daresay Liam Holt has read his Nathaniel Hawthorne, his Shirley Jackson, and even his Stephen King (who was influenced by those other authors himself). Children-of-the-corn-type town -- set in modern times, but the inhabitants make the Amish look like TED Talks hipsters -- is ruled over by a stentorian old creep that everyone calls "Father". Brainwashed young Silas dotes on the old man, fears him, too, and follows his every command. If Father says "Knees", the kid drops to 'em. I can't really go into the details of the story without spoiling it, but I will say that Holt achieves some sparkling moments in his prose, particularly with the fevered ritualistic sex. I also appreciated the descriptions of how sterile this dark little world is: so bare and colorless. (We will learn why that is by tale's end.) We can't *feel* a strange world if we're not *shown* it; Mr. Holt admirably shows us, in this traditional creepy-old-town story with an erotic, and finally appalling, twist.

3) "Before Breakfast" -- In this story about "morning-glory", Ms. Tirrell commences with the heat at once. First sentence: "I woke up to find my stepmother right at my bedside." I'll refrain from describing "Michael's" ensuing tribulations because you'll need to buy and read this yourselves. What I will say is that Tirrell succeeds where many mainstream female authors, let alone female authors of erotica, fail: convincingly writing from a male point of view. Young adult males driven insane by hormones may have been an easy thing to figure out: a woman need merely observe young men around her to get a clue there. But what's impressive here is a fantasy sequence that occurs before our hero goes downstairs for breakfast. "Michael's" fantasy begins with one girl, a classmate, but then inevitably drifts to the real object of his desire. Tirrell gets it. The climax in the kitchen comes as a fitting reward for Michael's sufferings. Well, what does one expect, really? -- Tina Tirrell gives you what you paid for. Meanwhile, I read the story with a sense of nostalgia: these days, three times in one morning would lay me up in bed with an icepack and a bottle of ibuprofen for the rest of the day.

5 out of 5 -- another eclectic collection of taboo-erotica from Ardour Press.

I love how boxed sets introduce me to NEW favorite authors.  I didn't know what I was missing in Liam Holt's style of erotic storytelling!  I'm his biggest fan now... but be sure to let Tina know NO ONE can replace her books either!

Finally!! I've been waiting for these super-sexy taboo titles to be offered in a discount collection.  And, after reading them, they do not disappoint!  What a wonderful addition to my Tina Tirrell collection!

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