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Insatiable: Women Who Just Can't Get Enough

Insatiable: Women Who Just Can't Get Enough

a Dominant Women Erotica Short Stories Collection (3-Book, 5-Story Seductive Secrets Box Set)

Box set featuring Beguiling, Gagging for It, Her Prey


They Want It So Bad that You Can Taste It

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They Want It So Bad that You Can Taste It

This erotic anthology box set packs a powerful punch with not three but FIVE torrid tales, including a complete erotic suspense novelette! Authors Liam Holt and Tina Tirrell will unsettle you in the most provocative ways and deliver ultimate sexual gratification... as many times as you like. 


If an investigative mastermind, envied by all men and desired by all women, finally meets his match... oh, what a gratifying way to go! 

As a true connoisseur and lover of women, O'Connor thoroughly enjoys where this particular investigation leads him, even as his sensual adventures and path of investigation direct him toward the most seductive female of all, the one with otherworldly appeal. Even Robert O'Connor can't possibly realize the true desires and intentions of this immanently beguiling femme fatale until it's much too late. 

Gagging for It

She's only after one thing. She not only craves it, she practically worships it. And he's lucky enough to have been born with one. 

She begs for it, beckons it, tells him just how she wants it. He surprises even himself when he gives it to her—and how hard. 

Her Prey

Undeniably seductive and always in control, these women—and their insatiable appetites for sex—won't back down until they get exactly what they want from the men lucky enough to be their next conquest. 

One man, whose favorite pastime is watching the enticing new female next door, is in for one seriously sexy surprise, starting with finding his usual voyeuristic ritual offers a second hot female in his frame of view. And she looks remarkably familiar.Welcoming the Neighbor involves the hottest sexual experience of his life when he's invited to join in the fun next door. 

The primal instincts and deepest desires of every woman are glorified as a sultry, female predator chooses Her Prey. There are no limits to her prowess and the enjoyment of the hunt. For both of them. 

An adult fairytale serves as an erotic fantasy from another land and time, where a reluctant and soon-to-be-married young prince relents to sexual ritual and learns Succumbing to Tradition is a very pleasurable experience after all. This royal heir comes of age as he's introduced to the manifold sensual benefits of what a female companion has to offer. 

Be careful what you wish for... You might just get it.


I met her at a bar, believe or not.  They say you never meet the "good ones" at a bar, but who said I was ever looking for one of those?  I wasn't, which is what made meeting her so spectacular.

Of course, now that it's all in the past, and I've "lived to tell the tale," I have to honestly say that I do not actually know if it was actually me that attracted her.  Hindsight is everything.  Now, I know she was clearly only after my cock.

And, before you start jumping to conclusions, let me explain one thing.  I am not some above-average man.  I'm quite happy with my cock; it's done me proud.  I can't complain.  But, I wouldn't call it special... any more than any man likes to think his own is God's gift to women.

Okay, to put it bluntly, I did not—and still do not—have a huge dick.  Now, don't start thinking it's small or anything.  It's not.  But mine is not and was not extraordinary enough to lure a strange woman over to me from across a crowded bar.  Yet, it did.

It was my turn, I guess.  She was looking for some fresh meat.  I happened to be the next course on the menu.  And I still feel like getting down on my knees daily to sing praises to the sex gods above for putting me on that menu—on her radar.

I never even got her name, and she—if there was ever a support group for such a thing or you could take the dick-of-the-moment out of her mouth long enough to ask her to admit it—is a cock worshiper.  I mean, she hungers for cock.  She's positively gagging for it.

That night, it was me that she had a taste for.  Well, I mean, my cock.

I don't think she could tell you what color my eyes are; I'm sure she was never that interested in my eyes.  She might not even remember my name.  Though, if I was the type to name my cock, she'd probably still remember that.  And she'd probably use it to address it directly, entirely forgetting that it's attached to an actual body and a brain.

Of course, I didn't know any of that when I first met her.  I thought this attractive chick with the banging body was into me, saw what I'm always trying to get anonymous women at the bar to realize: that I'm worth their time and attention.  Now, I almost laugh at my own naivety.  To think that I actually thought I had to work her and I was trying to put on the moves when everything that she wanted was just sitting there right in front of her—between my legs—and definitely available to her.  But you never expect being that direct actually works. 

I've still never had the chance to try it.  She tried it on me first.



When I first noticed her that night at the bar, she was already staring at me.  I couldn't believe my luck and, after verifying that she definitely wasn't trying to get the attention of anyone else behind or around me instead, I smiled back at her.  In two seconds, she was out of her seat and making her way across the bar to the booth I was sitting alone at.  To me.

Her low-cut top showcased beautifully round breasts bouncing all the way over toward me.  Her short skirt didn't leave much to imagine, and her legs weren't bad either.  But I'm not into legs.  I'm into breasts.  And lips.  And this woman had a blowjob mouth.

I was almost drooling before she made it over to me.  I was already looking forward to a night of great fantasies to jerk off to.  I'd record all the details I could from any conversation and interaction we happened to have and use it for my own devious purposes later that night and for the rest of my life.  No, I was completely clueless about what was actually in store for me.

When she sat down next to me, without even asking or introducing herself, I was instantly excited.  The scenario could go in any direction at all.  In my head, it was the start of a hot porno flick I already wrote countless endings for.

"Hi..." slid out of her mouth in this slow, sexy, deep kind of way. 

My eyes were glued to that mouth of hers: so full and large.  The way it moved when she spoke, the way she licked her lips to moisten them and make her lipstick all glossy, just sent message after message straight to my cock.

She even blinked slowly.  Her long lashes just fluttered at me, teasing me, as she smiled.

There was nothing hidden about her.  She seemed to be all there, just being herself, acting naturally, totally in the moment.  I guess the word I'm looking for is inviting.  You instantly felt comfortable around her, like you could do no wrong.

"Hi," I managed to say back, still trying to sound suave and aloof under the conditions. 

Now, I know she could've cared less.  There was just one thing on her mind, and it didn't have anything to do with my personality.

"So, are you having a good night?" she asked, her eyes zeroed in on my lap.

"Yes, and you?"

"Mmm hmmm," she practically moaned, as if she couldn't be bothered with words.  Her eyes were still focused on my thighs.  And beginning to make me feel self-conscious.

"Um, I haven't seen you here before," was all I could think to say to the woman who wasn't exactly looking at me and waiting for me to say anything at all.

I was starting to fidget a bit.  My groin was starting to grow red hot.  I wondered if there was a stain or something.  Maybe I spilled a bit of my beer on my pants.

"Hmmm?" she asked and actually looked up at me.

"I, uh..."

Her gaze fell right back down to my crotch again before I could even think of something else to say.  And she licked her lips.  I swear she did.

"I haven't seen you before," I managed.

"Mmm.  I definitely haven't seen you either."  She finally made eye contact again.  "Where have you been hiding yourself?"

I blushed, fidgeted some more, and couldn't get over how hot her smile was.  How hot that mouth was.

In fact, I started to notice, her mouth couldn't quite keep still.  Her moist lips would tense and relax, curve in a smile, or pout just a bit.  As if she was thinking about eating something, preoccupied with remembering the taste of something.

Her lips would part a bit, show the slightest hint of the tip of her tongue, and purse again.  She even played with her bottom lip between her teeth every now and then.  It was like watching a porn star in slow motion, some sort of seduction scene that was almost too intense to witness up close.  Whatever she was eager for, I was beginning to want it myself.

"Do you, um... is there... is there something on my pants?"  I just had to ask!

Slowly, very slowly, her pretty head tilted up to me again, and she smiled.  Beamed, actually.

"No, but there can be.  If you want."

Right then, under her gaze again, my cock sprang up out of nowhere. 

No, you couldn't see it, not even her predatory eyes could see it, but I could feel it.  It was definitely coming to life, as well as it could, under the thickness of my jeans.  And her hand suddenly laid on my thigh.

I couldn't believe what was happening.  She could've been nothing but a big tease.  Or maybe not even realize what she was doing, just laid her hand there like some people do, to be more personal, to talk more intimately.  But then, it started sliding.

I watched her manicured fingers inch their way up my jeans and toward my crotch.  They stopped right before they touched my cock.  She knew exactly which jeans leg my cooped up cock was crammed into.

As she stared at my bulge there, it started to grow, responding, all on its own, to her words, movements, and gaze.  It was putting on a show for her.  I hoped no one else could see it dancing there in my lap.

Her fingers moved, just a bit, still not touching my cock but oh-so very close to it.  They were teasing it, and it was almost growing hard enough to reach out and touch them.

I wanted to touch them, those teasing fingers.  The more she stared at my crotch, the more I wanted to give her something to stare at.  I wanted to shove my...

The sight of her cleavage rising and falling with her deeper, faster breaths suddenly distracted me.  The mounds of the great, creamy hills on her chest looked like they were about to erupt right out of her tiny top. 

Her eyes were growing softer, blinking all the more slowly, visibly focusing in on what she was after.  I was just beginning to figure it out, though part of me kept saying "no, it's impossible!  You have to convince a chick your cock's good for her; she never actually wants it!"

It was like watching her eat some imaginary food floating before her, just touching those big blowjob lips of hers.  Her tits were rising and falling, she leaned in closer, and I almost thought she was going to kiss me.  Boy, was I mistaken.

She licked her lips quickly, dramatically, and then bent down, burying her head in my lap.  I couldn't fucking believe it!

My eyes darted all around the room, desperate to confirm that no one saw what just happened, that the woman sitting next to me suddenly disappeared as she dove down into my crotch with barely a word spoken to me.  She didn't even ask.  And why in the hell did I care?!

She didn't do anything at first. And it was all I could do to calm myself down and not ruin what could be the most amazing moment of my entire life.  I mean, where in the heck did the gentleman in me suddenly come from, the one that wanted to bother to ask her what her intentions were and if she actually wanted to do what I thought—fucking hoped—she was about to do??  It was all I could do to shut up that particular voice in my head.  He had no place in this porn-movie-coming-true.

Once I managed to shut up that nagging tone, I realized I had no idea what I should be doing.  What did she want me to do while her head was down there just hovering over my cock?

My hand kind of lifted all on its own and landed on the back of her head and my fingers started stroking her head. 

Instantly, she jerked up to face me and said, "what are you doing?"

I froze in place.  "I, uh—"

"Don't distract me," she said.  She almost yelled at me.  And, for some reason I'll never learn—unless I could actually ask my "second head" to explain one day—my cock pulsed right at that moment.  Like it was responding to some private conversation it'd been having with her.  ....

Average Rating: 5.0/5.0 from 3 reviews

1) "Gagging for It" -- Fantasy from Tina Tirrell about a woman with only one thing on her mind. Ms. Tirrell's male narrator describes her thusly: "She was looking for some FRESH MEAT." The prose is focused on the one act (read the subtitle to get a clue) like a laser. Ms Tirrell doesn't waste a word, doesn't describe the restaurant where they meet, deliberately avoids characterization. This is, in other words, good old-fashioned straight-up erotica. Check these fetishes off your list: oral, public place, tootsie-roll worship, dirty public restrooms. This is Tina Tirrell at her most hardcore and stringent -- she ain't messing around, here. The idea of a female predator who literally eats her prey adds just a touch of unnerving frisson.

2) "Beguiling" -- A somewhat longer tale by another writer in Ardour Press' stable, Liam Holt. Sleazy corporation provides high-class hookers to sleazy Japanese clients: seven of the clients are missing. "Robert O'Connor", some sort of high-end PI or fixer, is on the case. I think Mr. Holt has a little fun with the character of O'Connor: "His own personal motto was to ask forgiveness, not permission, but, as a rule, he left forgiveness out of his life as well." Also: "Of course, O'Connor would mentally record endless details about every situation, environment, condition, and person around him, whether he was on a job or not." Pretty iceman for an Irishman. :) One imagines him, upon arriving home after a long day of being super-awesome, just sitting on his couch, face in hands, sobbing loud enough to rattle the windows of his icy penthouse on the 101st floor. Anyway, O'Connor must *thrust* himself into every cranny and crevice of the case, especially when it comes to the "Trusted Companions" escort service contracted by the miscreants at the corporation. Mr. Holt does have a penchant for piquant description: a security guard is a "doughnut-bloated, ruddy-faced baboon" with a "bright red, large-pored nose". The sex is described with more attention to detail than is common among male writers. Perhaps the sexiest scene is a sex-free one with O'Connor and a gorgeous brunette in a cafe: the former trying to remain Mr. Awesome All-Business Man, the latter breaking him down slowly with her feminine charms and wiles. Fun story with a wotta-way-to-go ending.

3) "Her Prey" -- A trio of amuse-bouches about women with untrammeled appetites: i) "Welcoming the Neighbor" -- A married male narrator takes to washing the dishes more than is entirely necessary because he enjoys watching through the kitchen window the hot new neighbor mowing her lawn and otherwise looking scrumptious. Naturally, he invents nice fantasies for himself and the minx ... until Real Life intrudes in a most shocking fashion. Can't really say more, except that the climax just might bring you to one: super, super hot. ii) "Her Prey" -- Manager of a health club fixates on a gym-rat; spies on him while he showers after working out ... and makes her move. But it's the details that arrest. "Naomi" itemizes the dude's assets like a wolf regarding raw beef cutlets. Her mouth waters. Her "sexual tension" is "strung so taut that she needed release". Ms. Tirrell takes pity on her heroine: she gets everything she wants and more after the end that the author leaves for the imagination. iii) "Succumbing to Tradition" -- An unnamed Prince dreads the day of his marriage, because his life is enjoyable enough without the complications that females bring to men. He is an Adonis figure, disdaining the siren call of Venus. Fun fact: the most popular work that Shakespeare wrote in his lifetime was not any of the plays, but rather a long (and to us, tedious) narrative poem called "Venus and Adonis" -- soft-core porn all the way, with Venus, fevered by lust, pursuing the proudly disdainful perfect young man. I expected Ms. Tirrell's story to go down a similar path, but she surprised me (as she usually does) by bringing in a fortyish, laughingly experienced maidservent to serve as "sex instructor" to our gynophobic Prince. Well, after learning a couple of sweet lessons, the Prince is rather more amenable to his Princely connubial duty.

This collection from Tirrell and Holt covers an intriguing array of erotic subgenres. Even those with persnickety feline tastes in erotica WILL find something here to enjoy. Those of us who are less persnickety will feel like we're at a high-end buffet.

5 out of 5.

I love this theme!  Such a perfect title for the whole collection.  The female characters are everything a man would desire, yet so realistic.  Can't believe it was such a steal to get five excellent sexy stories!

Serious sexy impact.  Love the opportunity to try out different authors at a discount!  I have a new favorite now, and I'm going to load up my Kindle with everything they've written so far!

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