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Whenever His Needs Arise

Whenever His Needs Arise

a Taboo Huge Size Fantasy

Featured in box set Dirty Diaries: Taboo Confessions of Maternal DevotionBook 1 of His Huge Needs

The sudden arising of an extraordinary situation necessitates the most immediate and taboo handling.

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The sudden arising of an extraordinary situation necessitates the most immediate and taboo handling.

It's not easy being new to a household and responsible for two men she loves so much.  It's that very love and devotion—that undying commitment—that breaches all boundaries and begs the most impossible actions.  And she finds herself telling the tale in her personal diary, confessing all the intimate details and proof of her personal innocence and revealing just how oblivious she is to the effect she personally has on Tommy, the youngest man in her life, the one suddenly burdened with an impossible physical condition that she must personally address and satiate in the most extreme and taboo ways.

She's ignorant to the stimulation her very presence and every action plagues Tommy with, and the results reported by the family doctor simultaneously shock her and serve as a call to action, triggering her motherly instinct and primal nurturer within.  Tommy has a condition of his anatomy termed "overdeveloped" and grossly "oversized."  He's a medical anomaly, and his very arousal is an immediate threat to his life—and perhaps, even the safety of those around him.

She'll do anything for her Tommy, anything the doctor urges, anywhere and at any time the need arises. "Doctor's orders!" she reminds him with all due urgency; "it's just clinical, I have to do this!" she reassures him as it's wildly apparent that the pressure building inside Tommy is a grave danger to his own health and wellbeing.

Only one person can come to his rescue and relieve his great burden, taking care of his most urgent needs: the one responsible for caring for him and best equipped for emptying and being a receptacle for his overproducing anatomy.

His Desperate, HUGE, Tease-Heightened Needs ~ Her More-Than-Eager Desire to Fulfill His Most Compulsive Urgency ~ Their Reluctant, First-Time Taboo Encounters

....  It was all I could do to hide my shock and surprise.  I didn’t want my poor stepson to think he was a monster!  And how do you hide, as an honest woman, the realization that your own stepson is grossly oversized, his anatomy large enough to frighten any girl who might ever look at him in the future??

And it wasn’t even out of his underpants yet...

I was shaking, my fingers edging closer to Tommy’s protrusion stretching the fabric of his underwear.  I just couldn’t stop mumbling reassurances to him: “It’s okay, Tommy.  I’m your stepmother.  Doctor’s orders.  We must do this.  You’ll feel better.  It’s all going to be okay.  Trust me.  Don’t think about it; just let me handle it.”

My poor boy didn’t know what an anomaly he is.  He didn’t know that he’s equipped like a primal animal or would put any grown man to shame.  He didn’t know he’s unnatural.  And it’s not a mother’s place to make him feel that way.

I reached out and tenderly pressed my fingertips to his massive shaft, trying to maintain a clinical decorum, constantly reminding Tommy that I’m just here to help carry out a medical need.  But I just couldn’t help it...

 “Oh, my God!  Tommy!  It’s... you’re... let me just see if I can peel off your underwear, so we can address this right away!”

I hate to think what I must have looked like to my pained stepson.  I was kneeling below him, trying to hide that look of shock on my face, speaking to him as gently and reassuringly as I could, my breasts probably popping right out of my bra and deep neckline in all that sudden stress.

His massive erection (oh, I have no idea how my stepson could be rock hard when he might not even know what sex is!!) looked like it was going to explode all over me at any moment.  I was actually frightened for my own safety.  But you know I couldn’t let Tommy know that!  It must be like what a fireman feels like when he rushes into a burning building to save someone.  You just do what you have to do, knowing that your own life is actually in danger.  With Tommy’s huge dick looming over me, I didn’t want to touch it the wrong way or press it too hard.  His bulbous mushroom head threatened to tear a hole right through his boy-sized underwear.

That’s it, I decided.  If I don’t do this now, I’ll never have the courage.  And my stepson needs me right now.

I first tried one hand grasping his waistband, then two.  I stretched that elastic with all my strength to make it big enough to pull over his giant cock.  I mustered the last of my willpower and decided that my Tommy needed me right then, more than he ever had or may ever in his life.  I had to do what needed to be done... what the doctor said I had to do.

I stretched that fabric over my stepson’s beastly cock and watched it hang there, suspended in the air.  I grabbed it in one hand and started to pull down his shaft... his skin was so hot to the touch, just burning like a raging fire!  I knew the moment was urgent.  The doctor, with all his professionalism, didn’t say what would happen to Tommy if his needs weren’t met immediately from this point forward, but my imagination could picture just how fatal his medical condition must be. 

I quickly licked both my palms like a mad woman, wetting them as much as I could while my stepson peered down at me with a look in his eyes that must have been fear.  I’ve never seen him look like that before, maybe only occasionally when I found him pale or oddly quiet when I tried to stretch or bend over a difficult spot in the house to clean and finally asked for his help...

 “It’s so big, Tommy.  I’m going to have to use both hands.  Don’t worry.  Mommy is going to take care of you!”  ....

Average Rating: 4.9/5.0 from 9 reviews

Nice story about a mother's love for her over developed son who needs (under doctor's orders) to be relieved. This theme is not new, so I give it four stars. Tina's writing is excellent however and I look forward to more of her work.

A stepmother must deal with a young man's rather convenient medical "problem". Gotta tread carefully with the description here, but let's just say the kid has physical dimensions approximating a horse, and perhaps gobbles a bottle of vitamin E per day with a dozen oysters, washing that down with Spanish Fly. Ms. Tirrell doesn't waste time with details ... though perhaps the real problem is that her (not really) ingenuous stepmother cleans the house in short skirts and high heels and admits in the narration that her bosom is "not designed for housework". The young man's natural "reaction" frightens the lady; she takes him to the doctor. Diagnosis: he's "overdeveloped". Somehow, a solution is found. Meanwhile, I enjoyed the complaint about the absent husband's "god-awful, giant entertainment center taking up half the room". I share Ms. Tirrell's contempt for overpriced and unnecessary electronics encased in pasteboard furniture.

Beautiful, sexy and can not wait for more.

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this book. I loved all of the themes: older woman with teenage boy, stepmom and stepson, and big dicks. Kudos to you for breaching these taboos and writing such a hot story. I hope you write more stories involving teen boys and big dicks.

This is the second book I've read by this author, and again she has completely nailed the subtleties of realistic erotic fiction.
There is an element of tongue in cheek humor that I've never seen so well written in erotica before.

I guarantee this book will turn you on, and probably make you smile too - how rare is that?

Definitely worth the price, I hope she writes more in this style - very original!

Tina is a great new writer I will be watching closely. This story was very sexy and a bit silly to keep things fun. Highly recommend it.

Okay, in all honesty here, when I heard of this "veteran" of taboo erotica and her debut book of a "bizarre" nature, I had to see what this chick is all about (forgive me if you don't like being referred to as a "chick," Tina, but I mean it as a compliment). The BIZARRE is right up my alley; it's what I do. I've been known for going out on the deep end with my own writing, and I'm not afraid to litter it with hot sex scenes at the same time. Anyway, when I tasted Tina's work for the first time, starting with Whenever His Needs Arise, this girl instantly had me by the throat (that's the way I like it), and I knew I didn't want her to let go. As an author, she's totally nuts! And I mean that in the best way possible. She's after my own heart with this twisted tale that turns you on, not only because of its taboo nature and stepmom/stepson relationship, but because of what the poor lad's condition is! How did Tina think this stuff up? It's fantastic. Every man's fantasy come true, down to the farfetched situations that "arise" and that lovable stepmother character that is the cause of all her stepson's "problems," but is way too innocent to know what she's doing to him!

If I were Tina, I would take these characters and RUN with them. There are so many situations they can continue to get into, and I want to be there when all that sexy stuff goes down. I only wish I thought of the hot story idea first!!

Like I said, I've read a few of Tina's titles, and even though I rarely take the time out of my own writing schedule to write up a review for a fellow author, this girl's mind definitely deserves the praise.

This is the coolest idea I've ever seen an erotica author come up with.  Tina is a genius!  I wish I was the stepson in this book.  I'd give anything!  I've got enough new fantasies of my own developing, just from reading this story, to last me years now!

Holy crap, this is HOT!  I've never read anything like it before.  This story begs to continue as a series.  Please, please, write more!

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