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She Tricked Me into It

She Tricked Me into It

a Taboo First-Time Fantasy

Featured in box set Oh, It Hurts! Pain and Pleasures of Growing Up Too Fast

The aggravation and tension of sibling rivalry explode in the most pleasurable way.

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The aggravation and tension of sibling rivalry explode in the most pleasurable way.

It's so hard being the youngest one in the household, especially when picked on by the sassy, teasing older female living in the bedroom just next door. Lauren's always sticking her nose where it doesn't belong, ranting and raving, taunting and tormenting, and he wishes she never became part of the household at all. Life would be better without Lauren always in his business and giving him a hard time; he couldn't possibly learn to actually appreciate her presence or all the things his older sib could teach him. That would take some monumental event—first-time experience—his young mind can't possibly fathom... until it happens

When his parents go out for the evening, Lauren's usual harassment begins. She invades his room, pokes around on his computer, and asks all kinds of questions about the girl at school he likes. The only thing he can count on from Lauren is her incessant invasion of his privacy and her keen ability to embarrass the heck out of him. Her questions are annoyingly personal, her lack of shyness shocks him nearly to death when she suddenly appears from behind the shower curtain all wet and fully revealed, and when she discovers just how uncomfortable and inexperienced he is when it comes to the opposite sex, Lauren goes on a full rampage, intending to teach him a thing or two. 

He doesn't want to learn; Lauren can't possibly have anything good to teach him—or show him. But when she takes it upon herself to force a lesson on female upper anatomy, he can't help his bodily reaction. And Lauren, of course, knows just how to deal with that too. It may just be all a big game to her, but he is the ultimate winner. 

His Reluctant, First Sexual Experience ~ Her Forbidden Forwardness & Devious Provocations ~ Their First-Time Taboo Encounter

....  My sister kept squeezing her boobs with my hands, and something was happening to me.  I watched my sister lean her head back a bit and close her eyes.  She actually looked relaxed, like she wasn't plotting what mean thing to do to me next.  Like she forgot her destiny of tormenting me.  She even... I think she moaned a little bit.  That really creeped me out.

I jerked my hands straight off, and stared at what I was just touching.  How could they be so soft and firm at the same time?  Like perfectly... well, there was just nothing else like them.  Nothing that I knew of yet.

"Why'd you stop?  The lesson's not over yet."  I think she was actually kind of pissed.

I didn't know what to do.  Even worse, I suddenly just realized that my penis was actually doing something.  It was getting hard.  Very hard.

I forced my eyes off my sister's boobs and shifted around in my jeans a bit.  Then, I looked back at her.  She was looking at my crotch! 

I wanted to die.  I always knew my sister would be the death of me.  Today, it was going to happen.  Please, please, please put me out of my misery!

"You should do something about that," my sister suggested all innocently 

She looked like she was actually serious!  She wasn't laughing at me.  She wasn't even smiling.  What was the trick?  Was I supposed to tell her I had the power to make an erection go away just by willing it?  I didn't.  Was I supposed to apologize for getting one in front of my sister?  I couldn't.

"Seriously.  That thing looks like it's about to explode." 

Could that actually happen?!

I looked down at my penis in horror.  It was still getting bigger.  It wasn't going to stop.  This was one of those situations. 

"Do you know what to do with it?"

"Yeah!"  I didn't know if I was lying or not.  I did stuff to it.  I didn't know what I was supposed to do with it.

"Then, show me, big man."  My topless sister smiled at me.  "Take care of it.  Hurry!"

She was scaring me.  I looked at my crotch again, wondering how much bigger it could get, how much more the skin could stretch, before it just snapped.  Was that possible?  If it was, why wasn't my sister moving away for safety?

"Do it!  Touch it!"  She looked like she was excited, like watching a boxing match or something. 

I froze under pressure.  I couldn't move.  Not my hands or my butt.  I was stuck.

Lauren got really quiet all of a sudden.  She whispered as she leaned in even closer to me.  Couldn't she see that my penis was about to break open any second?  She was in danger!  "Do you want me to do it for you?"

What in the heck was she thinking?!  "No!"

"Hey," she whispered again.  She kinda looked more like one of those babes in the sexy part of a movie than a troll all of a sudden.  "I know a thing or two, remember?  I mean, I did that to you.  Right?  The least I can do is take care of it for you."  Her eyes were drilling holes straight into mine.  She had me under some kind of spell.  Something way beyond Jedi mind tricks.  ....

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I wonder if this is Tina Tirrell's first published story -- it appears to have the oldest copyright date on all her works.

Well, it's an absolute delight. The prose zips along: the writer is clearly on fire. Descriptions of family life always seem to bring out the most vivid characterization from writers, and Ms. Tirrell is no exception. She gives us a mini-Brady-Bunch scenario here: a young man and his father, who has married a woman with a daughter. The daughter is older than the young man. "Evil Lauren" -- the most annoying stepsister imaginable. She looks at your crush's Facebook page -- the horror. :) She beats you to the shower -- "Too slow, Joe!" -- and burns out the water heater before it's your turn. I found her deeply attractive and wonderful, full of sass, spirit, and boldness.

Well, our unnamed male narrator catches her nekkid in the shower ... and his education begins. Ms. Tirrell furnishes a nice plot where Lauren, having noticed that her lovelorn brother is mooning over a girl's Facebook page, decides to become the young man's teacher, preparing him for whatever delights "Haley" might have in store for him. One can feel as one reads that this story was lovingly written. It has the tang of real life to it.

As for the erotic part, Ms. Tirrell pulls out a dandy -- listen to this description of the aftermath: "It was like being empty and all filled up at the same time. Like being totally tired but full of energy. I still couldn't move." Nice, Tina, very nice. :)

And I'm not the only one smitten with "Evil Lauren". Our narrator concludes, "... my incredible sister, the very *best* sister any boy could hope for."

5 out of 5.

Tina Tirrell has a true talent for erotic literature! Great erotic literature requires the author to strive to make their readers truly immerse themselves in the stories. Tina knows exactly how to do that, and I realized this within the first few pages!

This story made me share the emotions of the main character. When he would be embarrassed or excited, I would share those emotions! I didn't feel like I was just reading a story...I felt as though I was living it!

If you enjoy erotic literature, Tina is you author. I've read other erotic literature, and I've never come across the type of talent that Tina possesses. You'll be satisfied, yet left wanting more!

Give me more!  I demand it!  Ha!  I am sooooo glad I found your writing online.  It's like my dreams have been answered, and I can't wait to see what you write next.

Your characters are so delicious!  It's like I can actually watch them doing all these dirty things right in front of me.  The story's so vivid, and I just don't want to ever climb out of it.  It's like I'm experiencing it all myself!

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