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Can I Cuddle Too?

Can I Cuddle Too?

a Taboo MILF Sex Confessions Fantasy

Featured in box set Dirty Diaries: Taboo Confessions of Maternal Devotion

Caught in the act of intimacy with her new husband, she cannot possibly guess how much damage the scene will cause to an impressionable young mind or how she'll be forced to address it.

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Caught in the act of intimacy with her new husband, she cannot possibly guess how much damage the scene will cause to an impressionable young mind or how she'll be forced to address it.

She struggles to fulfill her new role as a first-time wife and nurturing caregiver as perfectly as possible: so many needs to fulfill, of very different kinds, and she has so little experience in dealing with the unexpected challenges her new life holds. Treating her husband, Kevin, to a special night he'll never forget, she takes her time tending to his every sensual preference and their simultaneous oral pleasure in—and out—of the revealing negligee she debuts for his eyes only. The last thought on her mind is the possibility of their private moments, dirty words, and erotic teasing being witnessed by David, the young man in the household. 

All too soon, she discovers just how much of the sensual exchange David observes—and how his innocent mind assumes he deserves the same forms of affection from the female head of household. David's questions are blatant and presumptuous, his casual touch shockingly direct and needy, and he cannot be convinced that his relationship with the new woman in his life should be any different than hers with his father. 

David just wants to love her and be loved in return. And when her explanations and gentle corrections go ignored, there's only one way to deal with his growing need and hardening difficulty at comprehension. A hands-on approach is the only way David will learn. 

Her Most Taboo of Sex Confessions ~ His First-Time Taboo Experience ~ Their Forbidden Intimacy and Unexpected Taboo MILF Encounter

....  "Oh, sweetie.  That's... that's just something a woman does for her husband.  It's a treat for him."  I realized I might be getting too detailed, so I just tried to wrap up the thought and get David focused on his schoolwork again.  "Don't even worry about it.  Let's get you started on your next assignment."

"But don't you love me?"

I have to tell you, my heart really did break just then.  I just never expected to hear the words from a young boy's mouth, and I definitely never wanted to hear them from my own stepson's.

"Darling," I hurried as I gave him a big hug.  "Of course, I do.  I love you so much, and what I wear has nothing to do with it.  I love your Dad in a different way, but I love you both so, so much." 

My motherly instincts just kicked in.  I felt that if I could nip that idea right then and reassure him, the question would never cross his mind again.

Little David smiled then, and I knew everything was just fine.  He snuggled into my bosom like the little darling that he is, and I squeezed him even harder. 

It wasn't until he left the room again that I wondered how he knew I was even wearing anything last night since Kevin had it nearly completely off of me when we saw David standing in the doorway.

He was quick to return to his lessons, and I thought he deserved some one-on-one tutoring there at the dining room table where his books and papers were all spread out in front of him.  I just wanted to make sure he knew how much he was cared for and that we're all one big, loving family now.  The poor dear's never had that, and I'm so very full of love and joy at the idea of being able to be a part of providing that for him now.  We are all really blessed.

I was standing over him, leaning in to point out why the long word in his history textbook was pronounced the way that it is, when little David...  Oh, it just seems so unbelievable now that I'm remembering the moment, but it surely did happen!  He... my stepson, just reached up and drove his little hand into my cleavage and squeezed my... I just can't... Yes, he did.  My son squeezed my breast!!

And he kept squeezing... both of them!

I was stunned.  I was literally crouched there, feeling his little hands move inside my shirt, both of his hands then, and it was like my conscious mind just couldn't register whether the moment was really real or not.  But I did finally come to!

I very gently grabbed David's wrists and removed his hands from my shirt and neatly placed them down on the table in front of us.  I gathered myself a bit, and fit myself correctly in my bra again, and then asked my son, "David, why did you do that?"  I couldn't even imagine what he was thinking; I didn't really expect him to answer.  I just needed a couple more seconds to compose myself and for my own mind to catch up with the situation and guide me.

"I love you, mom," he answered quickly and with all the self-assuredness a young man can muster. 

Oh, I have to tell you, those words just shot straight through to my heart!  I remembered just how sweet and loving he really is and how his more childish mind, in the ways of the world and women, just isn't yet capable of having any devious intentions whatsoever.

"Darling, I love you too, but... why... what made you think you should touch me like that?  Right there?"

"Didn't you like it?"

Oh, gosh.  He was asking so innocently, and I just... I had no idea what to say.  Or think!  I think I even blushed.  And my nipples were perking up.  My whole body was starting to simultaneously freeze up - and warm up - at this unfathomable predicament I was in. 

Little David was a son to me... but he was also not from my womb.  He was still a young man who had just man-handled my breasts!

"What do you mean, honey?  I didn't ask you to..."

"But you liked it when Daddy did it last night.  I could tell you liked it.  Don't you like it when I do it?"  ....

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This stepmom finally enjoys a night alone with her husband. She's gracious enough to model sexy lingerie for her man as a preliminary to the connubial proceedings. But Ms. Tirrell provides a useful warning:
"[Stepmom]: 'Do you like it?'
'I think I love you even more,' [hubby] admitted. He's lucky I didn't take that the wrong way!" -- In other words, curb your enthusiasm for the accoutrements, gents. Anyway, a very well-written and detailed description of marital delight follows. In the aftermath, the creepy stepson, who has clearly been hiding out in the room during the action, suddenly asks, "Can I cuddle too?" Naturally, Stepmom will have to deal with "David" tomorrow. The denouement is delightfully dark and weird.

Very hot.  I couldn't even guess what was going to happen next and erotica is usually so predictable.  Tina's making me love erotica all over again!

It's so twisted!  I want to just live inside Tina's dirty little mind and keep reading what it comes up with!

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