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Taste It for Me

Taste It for Me

a Male Self-Tasting Encouragement Fantasy

The first taste is always the sweetest.

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The first taste is always the sweetest.

He meets Lacey on his morning train commute. She's sweet, gorgeous, so encouraging and spunky. He can't help but fall for her, and fast, making him eager to do anything—try anything—she might ask. Her simplest request, spoken—and demonstrated—in the most compelling ways at every encounter, lead to his first sensual experiences of a very specific kind: tasting his own

How can he refuse Lacey's girlish temptations and playful prodding? How can he resist pleasing her and being the cause of that amazing smile of hers just by fulfilling her deepest, sexiest wishes? When he sees how much it turns her on, when she so convincingly shows him how incredibly sexy it really is, he just can't help himself: at her place or his, in so many different ways, in the midst of various erotic acts, and even on the crowded, public train itself. 

His appetite grows with each new sensual experience shared with Lacey, compelling him to add something new to the sexual "menu" he never considered before. He's developing a hunger for it all his own, all because of her irresistible ways of repeating her most favorite request. 

Her Sweet, Seductive Ways of Generating Genuine, First-Time Appetite ~ His Femdom Firsts & Gentle, Sexy, Self-Tasting Instruction ~ Their Countless Erotic Encounters Exploring New Realms of Sensuality for All the Senses

Average Rating: 4.8/5.0 from 9 reviews

Its an okay story, Different than what i was expecting.

I can't discuss the details of this story here on Amazon: quite simply, it's TOO HOT.

Just generally speaking: it's about a couple who meet on a commuter train and eventually fall in love. Tina Tirrell then describes several of their encounters, one of them public. The fetish du jour is CEI. (If you don't know what that means, read the description on this page carefully.) The story is probably the most sex-heavy work I've read by Ms. Tirrell. After a few introductory pages, we're drenched in sex to the end.

Here's what I can discuss: how much I was taken by surprise by this story. I was *expecting* a simple but fun tale about female dominance, which is what CEI is about, more or less. Well, actually, it's more, and Ms. Tirrell, using straightforward and meaningful prose, explains why in several passages like this: "It was the taste of my excitement, of my obedience to my lover, of my willingness to please a worthy woman, of that mystic fluid I was born with that actually has the power to create new life."

CEI is finally just one expression of a man giving himself over to his lover. Tirrell illustrates in beautifully graphic detail how the most personal and intense sexual experiences -- and the best erotic writing -- come from trust, respect, and empathy.

The writer herself is empathetic to a degree beyond her years, if the (quite lovely) picture of her on her Bio page is any guide. I already knew that Ms. Tirrell was exceptionally good at writing from the male POV. She's written in the voices of callow youth, working stiffs, virginal young men, scientists, professionals, husbands, everyday guys. Despite knowing and having been impressed by this, I was surprised by her gift of the male voice yet again. The nameless narrator's description of events, and his reflections about them, are so naturally done that if I hadn't known who wrote this story, I would have assumed a male author. The "Narrator" is not a woman's fantasy of a man. He's a persuasively real man that many of us can relate to as we follow along on his erotic adventures with his lover. Tirrell's gift is a highly rare one. The only writer in "straight fiction" I can think of who writes "cross-gender" as well as Tina Tirrell is Larry McMurtry (cf. "Terms of Endearment", "Moving On", "Lonesome Dove", and many others). This gift is a sign of an empathetic heart and a highly intelligent mind.

5 out of 5 -- burning-hot erotica that ultimately serves -- beyond any specific fetish -- as a how-to manual for those adventures we call "love affairs".

This was hot! I love this story great details! I am into CEI and love any story that details the growth of a curiosity into a full fledged fetish.

Bought and read this yesterday afternoon, and it was everything I hoped it would be. Tina really has a way with words that always leave you wanting more, but extremely satisfied with what you just read. Plus, it was a good encouragement to boot!

I have to admit, the title is what drew me to this book, and it was hard to wrench me away from Tina Tirrell's taboo topic books (her infamous stepmom/stepson scenarios). Taste It for Me turns out to be this hot tale about a relationship built around hot sex (as far as I can tell) and the hot chick, Lacey, is the kind you really want to meet: she gets the guy to do anything she asks and it's always about sex. As it goes, she's got a thing for encouraging men to "taste their own" and really, the way she goes about it, would make ANY man do it in a heartbeat. (side note: are there any guys who actually haven't tried that??) It's hot, from one erotic scene to the next, as they get into everything from food play to playing in public (on the subway!).

Tina Tirrell, if you haven't tried her stuff yet, writes like a man. Well, like a woman but... like a man. She knows what's hot, she REALLY gets detailed, and she's not afraid of the terms and explicitness we love. I'd bet her work would appeal to women too if they aren't afraid of some very direct language and erotic scenes that don't "beat around the bush." This is serious get-off material.

This was hot! I love this story great details! I am into CEI and love any story that details the growth of a curiosity into a full fledged fetish.

Let me just say Wow, It was recommended to me read and I have to say I couldn't put down my device. Tina is an excellent writer who knows how to put you, the reader, into her stories. I felt envious of the guy in this story like it actually happened!

Forgive me if I'm being too direct.  I blame it on reading this book.  But, my god, this subject is hot!  Or is it just the way Ms. Tirrell writes about anything at all??  I'm going to have to read ALL her books now!

Okay.  I have to admit that I never even thought about reading an erotic book on this subject before, but HOLY CRAP.  It's insanely hot!  I'm a new man.  Hooked on Tina's writing for life now!

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