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Savoring a Stranger

Savoring a Stranger

an Erotic Cuckold Hotwife Lifestyle Fantasy

Book 2 of Confessions of a Cuckoldress

She can't imagine a married life with every sensual fantasy fulfilled and any man available to her, but that's exactly what she gets—because her husband wants it.

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She can't imagine a married life with every sensual fantasy fulfilled and any man available to her, but that's exactly what she gets—because her husband wants it.

It's really the farthest thing from her mind, especially after the first time. She's a happily married woman. She can't possibly entertain the idea of following every erotic whim—or sexy stranger—that catches her fancy. Or can she? 

It happened once before... it still sizzles in her memory and on the tip of her husband's fingers as he delivers warm and familiar pleasure. Once must be enough. That must be the one and only allowance for straying—playing—outside the sanctity of marriage. 

But her husband, Joe, has more in mind for her. And as she realizes his pleasure is so dependent on hers, she finds herself slowly, skillfully persuaded. 

Any time could be the next time. Any day could deliver unexpected, exhilarating passion—at the hands of another. And her husband is loving every minute of it. 

He's practically begging her to do it. 

His Gentle Persuasion and Eager Anticipation ~ Her Unexpected Hotwife Training and Exhilarating, First-Time Erotic Experiences ~ Their Cuckold Hotwife Erotica Stories

No, life wasn't different after I'd done that fateful, dirty deed—after my own husband encouraged me to do it.  I was the one who was different.

I could almost see it right there on my face as I looked at myself in the mirror.  There was an extra glint in my eye, maybe a touch of natural blush on my cheeks.  I even felt as though my own femininity was just more out there for all in the world to see—for men to see.

I could've been imagining it, of course.  But I didn't imagine how new I felt on the inside.

More woman?  If that's possible?  That early on, before all the adventures yet to come, I couldn't even describe it.  But it was there, staring back at me every moment: I'm a cuckoldress.  I've made a cuckold out of my husband.  I've slept with another man, and my husband knows it.

My husband was the one who practically begged me to do it.

And somehow, that didn't even raise one tiny bit of uneasiness in me.  I know Joe loves me; he adores me.  I could see—still do—in his eyes just how much he wanted it, how much he approves, how turned on he is.  I could've never guessed, but what a strange feeling it is to realize how much that turns me on too.

My husband comes first.  It's so rock-solid in my mind; it's the foundation of our relationship.  My love, devotion, faithfulness—or unfaithfulness—are all for him and him alone.

That's easy.  That's absolutely straightforward in my mind, and the only fact that makes this all seem so natural.

I never intended to be unfaithful.  I never wanted to be.  I knew I would be wholly devoted to Joe for my entire life, as long as we both lived.  And I still am, but in a different way and fully with his consent—more than his consent, his absolute desire.

It seems so strange now to recall that I once thought that time—that hot, spontaneous session with a stranger in a dark alleyway—would be the only time.



We were lying in bed together one night, just relaxing after another long, tiring weekday.  Joe turned off the television with the remote and rolled over to face me.  His eyes looked deeply into mine; there was a hint of a smile at the corner of his mouth.  Then, I felt the warmth of his loving, approving gaze as he scanned the full length of my body while I lied on top of the covers in his favorite long satin nightgown.

Silently, he reached over and gently laid his palm over my breast, then began to trace its curve and fullness through the satin with the tip of his finger—just like he was exploring my body for the first time.

My skin tingled under his tender touch; I savored the anticipation of our intimacy to come.  Joe's eyes twinkled in the low light of our bedroom, speaking volumes of how much I meant to him and how appealing he found every inch of me.  I felt absolutely gorgeous, like a work of art he studied with both his sight and touch.

"Some other man..." Joe said, "enjoyed the gift of this beautiful body."

He smiled, still focused on my clinging nightgown and the feel of me beneath his palm as he ran his hand over my hip.  "And you gave me the best gift of all," he said.  ....

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I love this take on the cuckold fantasy. Everything I had seen before turned me off to the idea because it always seemed like it about humiliation...about the man being inferior and be forced to sit on the sidelines while his soulmate got her satisfaction from someone else. THAT feels like betrayal. But THIS throws all of that out of the window and looks at the situation under rose tinted glasses.

This is a story about a man and a woman who truly, deeply love each other. Here, the man recognizes his wife's desires and instead of ignoring them, or worse, stifling them, he allows her to explore them freely to get the satisfaction he feels she deserves. In fact, he wants nothing more than for her to be happy. "I want to focus on you. I don't want you to worry about me. I want you to feel special," Joe, the protagonist's husband, says to her. The wife responds to this reluctantly, not wanting to destroy what they have, but because Joe desires to make her happy and is more than willing to let her become "more woman", she takes that leap for him. How is that not love?

Another great thing about how Tina handles this fantasy is that when the time comes to act on their desires, it happens naturally, not forced like so many other inferior versions out there where the husband and wife are almost like sexual predators. Here it all starts with a casual day at the beach and an admirer that happens to walk by...a few dozen times. With each pass, the protagonist, with her husband's encouragement, becomes more exhibitionist and flirtatious, cranking the dial for sexual tension up a notch. All it takes is one last slip of the hands to reveal what's underneath to shoot the dial to 10, forcing the admirer to quickly retreat to relieve that tension. Then, Joe cranks the dial to 11 and encourages his wife to go after him."You can have him", he says to her.

When they finally meet, admirer and admired, I really enjoyed how Tina treated this. The hot encounter is purely physical. Not a word is shared between the two. It isn't about betraying her marriage or passionate love making with a complete stranger...just two people that have a primal desire for one another and acting on it...about getting and giving pleasure. This stranger may get her body, but Joe is the only one gets her heart.

I jumped into this story having not read the previous one leading to this. However, I will definitely be picking it up to find out how it all started. If you were like me and gave up on this fantasy because of what you thought you knew, I highly recommend you pick this up and its prequel and let Tina show you that every fantasy can have a beautiful side if you're willing to shift your perspective.

Tina Tirrell meticulously lays it all out in the opening pages of her new story, the second in her cuck-hotwife series. We squares asking, How do they do it? get our answer. First, the narrating hotwife:

"My husband comes first. It's so rock-solid in my mind; it's the foundation of our relationship. My love, devotion, faithfulness -- or unfaithfulness -- are all for him and him alone. That's easy. That's absolutely straightforward in my mind, and the only fact that makes this all seem so natural."

Now hear the husband Joe, referring to their first cuck-hotwife adventure as described in "My Husband Made Me Do It":

"Some other man ... enjoyed the gift of this beautiful body" [a little foreplay] "And you gave me the best gift of all" [some more foreplay] "Lucky, lucky man," [referring to the first story's cuckolder] "And I'm the luckiest of all." He goes on in this vein at length while pleasuring his excited wife.

The Female's desire for multiple sexual options (see also: all mammals in nature) is given free reign. The Male's desire to safely reconquer a desired-by-all mate of choice is also given free reign. The motives are murky but primal, going back to when we had tails. Is someone "in control"? Who's wearing the pants around here? Such questions are inapplicable for Ms. Tirrell's brave marrieds. Wife gets options; Husband doesn't. Yet Husband "controls" the game ... and yet again, Wife doesn't *have* to play; she's not coerced. The dynamics here would give a gender-studies professor a headache, for there are no "winners" or "losers". Just a hot and horny yin and yang. :)

While reading this superbly written story -- Ms. Tirrell's most assured and serious prose yet; wow, is she ever developing -- I compared Joe and his Lady to another couple, this one from the movies: Stanley Kubrick's "Harfords" in his final film, "Eyes Wide Shut". Remember them? Nicole Kidman, so colossally bored and contemptuous of her husband that a mere *glance* from another man seriously tempts her to run away? Her furious delight in telling Cruise this? And his reaction? -- combing New York City and the countryside around in a quest to sexually "get back" at his wife, all the while seething with rage as he imagines her and this other guy coupling in a cheap motel room? Kubrick, wise to the end of his life, diagnosed the problem: the Sexual Revolution is "over", but cultural habits are hard to break, and many diseased marriages continue to labor under outmoded paradigms. Now, Joe and Wife's way of coping with sexuality-within-marriage may not be for everyone, but it's healthier than the coercive model as depicted by Kubrick and Arthur Schnitzler. (Most marriages are between these extremes, of course.)

Tina Tirrell takes us on an intellectual thrill-ride that examines the possibilities of marriage and what men and women can give each other. Also, it should be noted that she takes us on a sexual thrill-ride, as well. In both modes, her prose pumps with emotional truthtelling and precisely described detail. It's probably her best-written story to date, and the themes are thought-provoking. More, please.

5 out of 5.

I was hoping for a continuation of her adventures.  The idea of a husband encouraging his wife to explore and experiment is so hot!  I can't wait to hear what they get into next.

I can't believe it!  My wishes came true!  The hottest audio book I've EVER listened to now has a sequel!!

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