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My Girlfriend, the Giantess

My Girlfriend, the Giantess

an Erotica Growth & Giantess Fantasy

His Biggest Fantasy Grows into a HUGE Problem—the Hottest Situation He's Never before Dared Dream of—and She's His Girlfriend

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His Biggest Fantasy Grows into a HUGE Problem—the Hottest Situation He's Never before Dared Dream of—and She's His Girlfriend

Chris adores his girlfriend Gina just the way she is: short in stature and perfectly petite. She's the sassy, sexy, dimpled beauty any man would dream of, but Gina has a different idea of the ideal female body. 

Gina wants to be tall. And when she's overly eager about trying the next big fad on late-night infomercials, all Chris can do is roll his eyes and wait for her inevitable disappointment. 

But this time, neither Chris nor Gina can possibly guess what they're both about to witness nor how much fun they're about to have with Gina's newly, instantly developing body. Right before their eyes, Gina begins to grow: taller, curvier, and absolutely Amazonian. 

Chris doesn't know whether to wholeheartedly enjoy or rightly fear what's happening to his girlfriend. But he just can't stop giving Gina what she needs most, what she won't stop demanding, the very bodily substance that only a man can conjure and that drives her continuous growth into a gorgeous giantess. And oh, does Chris thoroughly lavish being drained of it time and time again

Forget "Be Careful What You Wish For" ~ Watch Out for What She Wishes for

....  When she started to moan, her small frame rocking back and forth below me, offering this amazing view, I was about to lose it.  "I'm going to come!"

"Mmm, hmmm!" hummed from Gina's closed mouth as she continued to suck me off.

She stroked me faster with her little hand, the hand that was the perfect size for making her strokes long and tight and so amazing.  She practically squeezed my load right out of me and into her awaiting mouth.

With her lips still tightly sealed around me, she started to swallow.  I watched her throat gulp over and over again, each spurt of my cum too much for her narrow mouth.  The sight just made me wish I had even more to give her.  It was so unbelievably sexy to watch my girlfriend want it so badly, seeing her swallow again and again as if it was her ticket to everything she ever wanted in life.

When she came up for air and finally let my cock slip back out of her mouth, my cock was bone dry.  And then, she actually said, "thank you."

Gina rushed to her feet again, wiping at her mouth with the back of her hand.  "Do I look taller yet?"

I wanted to lie to her.  I wanted her to take another pill.  And more of my cum.

"Um... it's hard to tell," I said.

Gina flicked her high-heeled sandals off her feet, seemed to shrink the extra few inches right before me, and could barely stand still.  "Just watch me.  Let me know if you see anything happening."

I felt so sorry for my girlfriend.  "I don't think it's supposed to happen that fast.  Is it?"  I quickly tucked my cock back into my underwear and zipped up my pants.

"It could!  Depends on how potent all those good things in your cum are."  She seemed very optimistic.  I stood a bit taller myself just realizing how much belief my girlfriend had in the power of my cum.

I dutifully stared down at her, my eyes landing in her lovely cleavage.  As usual.

And I thought I actually saw her tits move.


"Yes, what?" Gina asked anxiously as she tried to stand as still as possible.

"I..."  Before I could answer, they moved again.  They did.

"Your breasts... they..."

"What?  What!  Tell me, Chris!"

"They're... I think they're getting bigger."  My mouth hung open, and I couldn't take my eyes off the tops of her tits.


Gina's hands flew up, and I watched her start to squeeze her own breasts.  It didn't matter what was actually happening.  It was all terribly fun for me.

"But..."  The disappointment was right there in her voice.  "What about my height?  I'm supposed to be growing taller!  Stop teasing me.  Am I taller yet??"

"Well, I don't really know."  I stood farther back to at least look like I was critically assessing my girlfriend's stature.  "I'm not sure how I'd know."

"You know what I look like, Chris!"

"Yes, but how am I going to know if you gained a millimeter or something?"

"Well, measure me then!  Quick!"

I forced myself to run to the kitchen junk drawer for the tape measure.  All the while, my brain tried to quickly decide whether I was going to lie to Gina or not.


"Baby, I don't think..."

When I ran up to Gina again with the tape measure, her breasts were closer to my face than they usually were.  There was absolutely no doubt in my mind.  No matter how impossible that idea was.  A man knows such things.


"What!"  Gina was growing increasingly frustrated.  With me or the magic pill, I didn't know.

"Just... hang on."

I pulled out the measuring tape and bent over to touch the end to the floor at the end of her bare foot.  And I saw her toes grow longer. 

Just a bit.  But it was totally obvious.  They moved.  They actually lengthened.  Her tiny toes were longer toes.  In fact, all of Gina was growing.

I dropped the tape measure as I stood straight again.  "Gina, you're actually growing."

The expression on her face spoke before her mouth did.  "I know," she said in a quiet, careful voice.

She wore a crazy smile.  Her eyes were wide like a child's on Christmas morning.  "I can feel it," she nearly whispered.  "It feels amazing."  ....

Average Rating: 4.8/5.0 from 6 reviews

Probably Best Short Story I've Ever Read.

You're going to be pretty hard-pressed to find anything GTS-related as good as this.

I've read the thing three times now and it never fails to amaze me the quality the author has put into this. I'm guessing she's bi, since the story's taken from the boyfriend's perspective, but she has the male's perspective almost nailed to a T (in the exception that it is physically impossible for a guy to climax multiple times in a period of, say, ten minutes). I don't want to spoil too much here but the writing quality and the amount of detail, especially in regards to the growth process, is boner-inducing and is a sight to behold. I didn't come across *one* grammatical error. Put simply, Tina's level of writing is *fantastic.* And, really, she's the only girl out there who's got the clit to write something like this.

I wish the story was a little longer but hey, I hope Tina writes more stuff like this in the future. Would be cool if there's a sequel from the girl's perspective.

Erotic female giantism is a major fetish amongst the pervy set. While I intellectually "get" the idea of being buried in the wonderfully complicated folds and pillows of a woman's flesh, it has never "gotten" me where it actually counts, if you get my meaning. (I've always taken the ladies as they come -- no transformation required.) Until now. Tina Tirrell's classic "My Girlfriend the Giantess" won me over because, in the final analysis, she's such a damn good writer. Fans of transformation and giantism will thrill to Ms. Tirrell's moment-by-moment description of Gina's growth, spurred on by an urgent scene of tootsie-roll suction on her boyfriend. As Gina's grows, so does her lust. Her poor boyfriend Chris may find that he may not be able to keep up, either in inches or in appetite.

Chris is fundamentally a good guy, but his girlfriend's change brings out the impulses from his deepest id: gone are the demurrals, which he even seemed to believe, that she was just fine the way she was. And Gina's changes are not just physical. She becomes a veritable monster of id, treating Chris as if he were just a sex toy, picking him up like a large doll. It seems to me that this sort of stuff speaks to women on some fundamental level. My fellow reviewer on these pages says that he didn't like that Gina became truly gigantic, but his gender is not the only one reading this story, I daresay. "Giantess" stories speak to female wishes for power, and the feminist subtext under such stories goes back at least as far as that old B-movie from 1958, "Attack of the 50-Foot Woman", in which the heroine, after becoming a giantess, goes after her philandering husband (and kills her rival).

If there are women, particularly young women, reading this review, allow me -- a middle-aged man who has lived at least two lives in one -- to give you a pro tip on men: if your guy is pressuring you about the way you look, he doesn't love you. He loves a personal *ideal*, not you. Leave, quickly. Or, hey, stick it out a few years and THEN have the climactic argument with him ;) Socrates said the easiest thing in the world was to give advice; Darren says that the only thing easier than giving advice is ignoring it.

Well, I'll climb down from my soapbox and give this story 5 out of 5 stars. I should also note that it's really quite dirty, too, definitely on the dirty side on the erotica scale. A lot of sex going on during that transformation!

Fun tale exploring unusual erotic themes. Well-written and compelling. Invokes interesting emotions and is at times immersive.  A ripping yarn!

Well written erotica. The sexy talk was top notch. The sex itself was remarkably described.  4 stars because I didn't like the ending. Giantesses can't afford to be size queens. No man measures up. ;) The first 90% was incredible, however.  All things considered, I'm always glad to see more GTS erotica.

I'm in love.  I want one of my own.  Tina, PLEASE write more.  The way you tell a story, the way you describe the details that matter and leave the rest to our imagination is just... well, it's like you stepped into my own mind and wrote just for me!

You've captured every element that I love about the giantess fantasy.  Every single one.  I'm speechless.

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