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His First Lesson

His First Lesson

a Taboo MILF Fantasy

Book 1 of His First Lessons

The "Birds and Bees" Are Best Taught Firsthand

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The "Birds and Bees" Are Best Taught Firsthand

A personal call from the school principal is a call to action for Joey's guardians. Quickly discovering their dear Joey may be growing up faster than they realize, a one-on-one discussion is deemed the best way to set the facts of life straight for Joey who's been caught sharing intimate drawings of women with his classmates. 

Sometimes, a personal demonstration is the best method of instruction. So focused on administering the most accurate anatomical lesson, Joey's teacher for his first at-home course in the most obvious and best-loved part of the female body is the woman of the household Joey loves and trusts completely. She's sweet, sensitive, to the point, and not at all hesitant in delivering a firsthand experience he'll never forget. When Joey's reaction to the straightforward visual and physical tutelage is more than she expects, his live-in teacher knows it's time for a hands-on approach. 

His Budding Curiosity Addressed in the Most Memorable Way ~ Her Careful Guidance and Nurturing Tenderness ~ Their Accidental, First-Time Taboo Experience

....  I quickly grabbed his little hand and planted it right on the top of my left breast.

"See, darling?  It's okay.  Mommy's breasts are nice and soft, not scary at all.  Just breasts.  Just a different looking part of my body.  Totally natural.  They're..."  I was desperate to find a way to associate breasts with good things for his vulnerable mind. 

"They're really nice," I continued.  "Daddy loves them.  He likes to... well, breasts are beautiful things.  You'll learn to love them one day.  They're something that all boys really, really like.  They're fun!"  I was desperate.  And probably sounding absolutely ridiculous.

Just then, Joey's little fingers made a grabbing motion over my breast.  He was testing it out himself, feeling the softness, deciding if they were nice or not.

"See, Joey?  That's a good boy.  Nothing to be afraid of.  They're quite nice!"

The funniest smile started to appear on Joey's lips.  I was so relieved to hear his breath calming as he began to relax again.  His other hand reached for my second breast and, together, they squeezed and grabbed until he felt completely secure again.

It was the twitch in his pants that made me uncomfortable.  Just a bit of pressure there signaling a growing erection.  I knew I had to wrap up our lesson—and fast.

"Okay, Joey," I called to get his limited focus away from my breasts.  "Now, do you see how women's bodies are beautiful and nothing to be afraid of?"

Joey just smiled as I peeled his little palms off my breasts.  "What's 'tits?'" my darling stepson asked.

I couldn't help but giggle.  "Well, that's another name for 'breasts.'  There are lots of names for them, which I'm sure you'll hear.  Like... jugs, boobies, knockers, balloons—"

"What's 'nips?'"

"Oh, gosh.  Um, well that's the part of a woman's breasts you can't see right now... on mine.  They're under..."  I glanced down at my own chest, realizing it was the perfect time to correct any incorrect notions in my stepson's mind.  "Let me show you."

I slid my blouse off my arms, pulled my bra straps down over my shoulders, one by one, and reached around to unfasten my bra behind me.  Joey just stared in amazement, but at least I couldn't spot any disastrous fright in his expression anymore.

"These," I began his next lesson as I held my bra over my breasts with only a forearm and slowly allowed it to drop down to my waist, "are nipples."  I pointed each forefinger to one nipple, my back straight with perfect posture as an ideal diagram for my stepson.

Joey's eyebrows scrunched up with more uncertainty.

"This is where a baby drinks—if there is milk in there.  These are made for a baby to suck on.  Like a bottle."

It was obvious that Joey was fascinated, but I couldn't guess if he was getting an accurate picture or not.  I pinched my nipples quickly and slowly pulled on them.

"Like this," I said, demonstrating a sucking motion with my thumb and forefinger on one nipple, then alternating with the other nipple.

Joey's eyes grew wide again, then started to rapidly blink.  He looked like he was going to pass out!

"Joey.  Darling," I called to him, trying to bring his little mind back to the sound of his mother's voice to calm him.  "Are you okay, honey?"

Suddenly, Joey grabbed his crotch in both hands and curled up.  "Ow.  It hurts!"

Hearing his tiny voice squeal in such a tone made my own heart ache.  "Oh, gosh, darling, maybe it wasn't the right time for a lesson.  Maybe I shouldn't...  Sweetie, do you know what to do with it?  Do you know how to make that go away?"

Joey shook his head rapidly, his eyes squeezed shut and his mouth drawn up in pain.  "It hurts!"

"Honey, I want you to take it out of your pants right now.  I mean, get it out for Mommy, okay?"

He was squeezing it as hard as he could, as if to just pinch away his bulging erection.  He couldn't move, his little fingers clenching onto his hardness like a clamp.

"All right, darling, Mommy will take care of it.  Just let go.  Okay?  Let go of it and let Mommy handle it.  Mommy will make it go away.

His eyes opened slowly and looked at me with a plea for help.  I hugged him, forgetting I was topless from the waist up, and temporarily smothered him with my breasts.

When I pulled my chest off his little face, his eyes were wide with fear again.

"Just let Mommy handle it," I tried to reassure him as I peeled his hands off his crotch just as I had from my breasts earlier.  ....

Average Rating: 4.8/5.0 from 6 reviews

"Joey", along with his similarly depraved little friends, is caught in class drawing dirty pictures of bare-naked ladies. Dad and stepmom get a call from the principal. Joey is going to get a talking-to, and perhaps a bit more.

On the non-erotic side, the particular joy in this story is the scene between husband and wife, in which hubby is finally forced to sheepishly admit, after a long conversation in which he can only stammer against the relentlessness of a worried woman, that he has not discussed the "birds and the bees" with Joey. Almost all his dialogue ends in a dash indicating righteous interruption by his wife. :)

He: "Well, I don't --"
She: "Oh, then, I'll just do it myself!"
He: big sigh of relief. We men feign incompetence in order to try to hide our very real incompetence. Boy, does Tina Tirrell ever know men! :)

The rest is red-hot, delicious ageplay fantasy ... though I do think that Joey, the little pervert, was putting his stepmom on about being in pain from sporting wood. Yeh. When we're not incompetent, we're devious. :)

5 out of 5.

Amazing ageplay storytelling. Tina really knows how to get in the back of your brain and arouse you...  If you LOVE ageplay, you can't beat this. I'm serious. The story is short, but utterly to the point. Darkly sensual and taboo, this is wonderful!!

First of all, it's a great story, a fantasy I think many people will find entertaining. Tina truly knows how to put her readers into the shoes of her characters, whichever ones that might be. Her choice of words throughout the story do wonders for the reader, always knowing which words to use to make the fantasy that much stronger and more arousing! Trust me, you won't regret reading this one!

One might say he learns the hard way -- but at least it's from his mom. And the story makes me wonder what she herself has learned, and if there will be a second lesson. After all, this reads sort of like an episode in a larger body of work and, at a nice price, is well worth it. Breast lovers will be panting...

I don't know how you do it.  How do you write in a way that makes me feel like I'm the one having all the fun and actually participating in your stories?  Now, I can relive those moments of first sexual experiences all over again... again AND again... and in just the way I wished they actually happened!

Tina captures those first-time moments so well.  It's incredibly intimate, so arousing, so perfectly natural and such a turn on!

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