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Book 1 of Fostered

"There could be only one. Only one perfect girl."

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"There could be only one. Only one perfect girl."

Raised by the foster care system and ushered, for as long as he can remember, from one temporary home to another, Daniel not only knows the vast emptiness of complete loneliness and the dull ache of consistent disappointment and real heartbreak, he expects them. 

Daniel is just another forgotten face, yet another neglected soul destined to never realize the true potential of his own capacity to love or ever experience actual happiness. He's a product of the system, much like all the others living out the same fate... except for one small fact: Daniel is a dreamer. His heart holds onto hope, his eyes are wide and open to possibility, his young mind still clings to the belief that there must be more in store for his small life. 

When his foster agent leads Daniel to yet another new residence where he'll be left with strangers—this time, it's the Andersons—for an unknown length of time only they are permitted to decide for him, the sight of the idyllic, inviting house on Broad Street almost takes Daniel's breath away. As a soft, gentle voice calls to him from the wide, wraparound porch, his young eyes are drawn to the angelic sight of her

Marie is captivatingly beautiful, elegantly graceful, and full of pure joy. Every aspect of her beams kindness, caring, and unconditional love. She is the epitome of motherly femininity. And Daniel's young, fragile heart begins to open to an all-new world where he begins to feel safe, nurtured, even adored. At last. 

The mutual friendship that begins to grow between Daniel and Marie through countless moments spent together, affection exchanged, and promises shared is wholehearted, natural, and binding. The innocent solidity of their relationship is contrasted only by the joyless, watchful presence of the man of the house himself: Marie's husband Richard. 

Always stern and forever judgmental, Richard never truly welcomes Daniel into their home and is far from capable of recognizing how his own criticism and lack of emotional availability—even jealousy—only serve to drive Daniel and Marie closer together. 

His Youthful Longing for Love & Acceptance ~ Her Naturally Nurturing Femininity & Deep-Seated Need for Returned Affection & Devotion ~ The Beginning of Their Lifelong Bond & Forbidden Romance

....  I didn't hear any more after that.  Not before I gave up listening to the silence between my foster parents and the drone of late night television.

But, the next day, something was different.

It wasn't me; I still rushed home from school.  I still looked forward to my very own room in that large, picturesque house in the middle of the block outlined by a bed of roses on all sides.  I still ran toward the closest thing to a mother I'd ever known.

And she was there, waiting for me.  Just like every other day.

Marie's smile was brighter.  Her eyes sparkled all the more.  She was hiding something from me, some thought in her mind she selected not to share aloud.  Another one.

I started to worry.  I sat down in my chair at the kitchen table and told the best story of my day of school that I could think up on the spot.  I wanted to make my foster mother laugh; I had to know if her smile was real or if it was just masking something bad.  None of my story was true.  It was my way of begging her to let me stay in that big house and be her son.

Marie did laugh, and it was all I could do to keep myself from crying.

"All right then, you silly boy.  You've managed to make me almost spit out my tea.  You're very bright you know.  Very special."  Her eyes beamed love at me.

But I was frightened enough to shake right in my seat.

"Now, eat your cookies, or I'll start to think you don't really like my baking."

I gobbled them down, trying to push down that lump in my throat.

"Well, I guess you do like my baking.  You may just get to have cookies another day."

Another day—with Marie.  That was all I ever wanted.

"Now, come upstairs with me," she said.  "I've got something to show you."

I followed my foster mother up the long staircase, each creak sounding louder to me than ever before.  At the top of the stairs, she opened the door to my bedroom and stepped inside.

Covering my bed and hanging from every drawer knob and closet door was a brand-new wardrobe, brand-new clothes just for me.  There were cool jeans and the kind of t-shirts the other kids wore, brightly colored sneakers—more than one pair—and even some baseball caps.  The pairs of dress pants and button-up shirts seemed so grownup.  I couldn't wait to try them all on.

Unless they were a farewell present.

"Does this mean I get to stay?"

"Oh, Daniel!"  Marie threw her strong arms around me, nearly squeezed the life out of me, and pressed her bountiful bosom to my face. 

I blushed immediately, wondering why in the world I didn't get in trouble for accidentally touching her there

"Daniel, no.  How could you possibly think that I would want you to leave?  I made that promise to you, remember?  A very special promise," she added, finally releasing me from the moment that I felt intensely embarrassed about.  "And that means everything."

I finally braved a smile, a smile that grew one second to the next until it felt like it stretched all the way across my face. 

I nodded my agreement.  And then, I broke the unspoken rule.  "Thank you so much, Mom.  This is really, really cool."  My hand flew to my mouth just as soon as I realized what snuck out of it.

"What did you say?"

I refused to speak.  I stood there, surrounded by all those new things, the only new things I could remember ever being given, and I waited to be told that now was the moment that I'd have to leave.

"Did you call me... 'Mom'?"

As her voice broke before the word, so did my little heart.

I wanted to take it back.  I wanted to scream my apology.  I wanted to tell her that I'd never do it again, I'd be a good boy, and I didn't mean to disrespect her or get so carried away or just be so dumb.

"Daniel," she nearly whispered as she leaned down to bring her face nearer to mine.  "That means the world to me.  You may call me that any time you wish.  Okay?"

My eyes grew even wider.  I slowly nodded.

"That's just about the best gift you could give me.  Come here."

The words were insistent, jam-packed with meaning, and I immediately accepted her invitation to hide my face in the circle of her arms again.

This time, just as I felt the faint touch of her bare skin as it rose out of the neckline of her scoop-neck top, the silkiness of her cleavage itself, I felt my foster mother—Mom—push even further against me, filling my nostrils with the deep, musky scent of her.  And it permanently planted itself in my memory.

That was the scent of love itself, of acceptance, of home.

I would grow completely addicted to it.

Gentle, warm, wholeheartedly caring Marie gently pressed my small head to her all the more intimately, then smoothed my boyishly long hair as her hand still rested on the back of my head.  She finally let her arms fall loose to her sides, leaving her to gaze at me in an all-new way.  I couldn't define it, but it felt really—simply—wonderful.

I smiled at my foster mother, and she smiled in return with her entire, beautiful face.  I didn't know what happened in that moment, but I knew something did.  Something magical.  Something that felt like Christmas.  Or maybe even more.  ....

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About a 12 year old boy living in a foster home. Marie, his stepmother loves him to pieces. When you're 12 years old and a gorgeous woman fusses over you, and tells you she loves you, well ... hormones take over. 

Wow. The first entry in the "Fostered" series proclaims Tina Tirrell to be more than simply a talented, comic stylist in fetishist erotica. She is MUCH more. Navigating her small boat across uncharted waters, she discovers and anchors up in the land of Realist Fiction. We find safe harbor there as well as she leads the way.

Ms. Tirrell's blog on this page amply describes the plot, so I won't be redundant there. What I will do is praise the careful writing. Here's a nicely observed moment early on when our young hero meets his new caretakers:

"A firm hand on my shoulder signaled Francis's swift intervention. 'He's been through this before. Daniel's a bright boy. Aren't you, Daniel?'
I nodded. Francis never left room for a different response."

The novella is sprinkled with writerly moments like this to an unusual degree, given the genre, but Tirrell is bending genre anyway with this book. After all, most erotica doesn't deal with persistent social issues like foster care. The sad reality is that without encouragement and guidance at "home", most foster kids fall behind by the time they're in high school. The expectations placed on "guardians" in this regard is infamously gray. The young people who do succeed tend to gather within themselves a sort of grim determination: longing for love and acceptance, but always cognizant of the bitter possibilities and prepared to take on the world alone. Much like Tirrell's hero Daniel, in fact. I love that I found such realism in what is too often dismissed as "genre" fiction. "Important" writers might take hundred of pages laboriously depicting this dynamic; Ms. Tirrell matter-of-factly manages it in a few dozen.

But what I most valued was Tirrell's presentation of an all-too-familiar psychological pattern within a family. For, while foster homes aren't really supposed to be "families", our lovable heroine Marie does her very best to make a real family with her husband Richard and new ward Daniel. She is thwarted by her husband's brutal cynicism. Bad marriages = familial failure, which lays the ground for aberrant dynamics. Richard's refusal to take his putative responsibility as a father-figure seriously leads to a Christmas scene where he's essentially competing with Daniel for Marie's affections -- the precisely wrong dynamic. He gives his wife a necklace and, in Tirrell's startling phrase, "His mouth nearly swallowed hers." Meanwhile, Daniel, seeing Richard as nothing but a competitor, seethes. Paging Dr. Freud!

5 out of 5 -- a gripping first part of what's likely to be a magnificent series. I also think a shoutout is due to Ms. Tirrell's publisher, Ardour Press, for giving their considerably talented young author room to spread her wings and challenge us.

Simply the best in erotic writing. I have purchased all of Tina's ageplay oriented writings and this one goes VERY deep. As usual, Tina takes you back to a time when you were younger, with your own fantasies or feelings. This can't end here! Must have a sequel!  Tina's writing and thoughts are pure gold.

I've been a fan of Ms. Tirrell’s shorter fiction for some time, and was thrilled to see her stretch her creative imagination in the pages of this “novelette”.  Tina brings a breath of fresh air to the genre of kink and fetish with a unique devotion to character, and a wonderful ability to manipulate the reader’s tension. Too often erotic fiction is filled with cartoon caricatures, the equivalent of blow-up dolls. Not so in “Fostered”: the two leads are drawn with sensitivity, portraying both their aching yearning and swirling emotional depths. The combination makes the work both arousing and a pleasure to read. I hope that she continues the story of Daniel and Marie for many books to come.

I read a ton, over every genre imaginable, but I do know my erotica. And I definitely know the good stuff from the bad. THIS novelette is seriously crazy-good.

It's a romance with an intense, underlying "forbidden" tone that works its way into every scene, leaving you all pleasantly tense and eager to find out what happens next. The taboo theme is done so darn perfectly: very natural, very realistic, and you feel like you're peeking into your neighbors' or the house next door where all this is going on. And it's told in the 1st-person POV, so you feel a part of the edge-of-your-seat buildup the whole way through.

It's just the first of a series this author has just begun, so it reads that way. This is where it all begins, that spark of taboo nature that is going to draw all kinds of deliciously forbidden happenings. You can predict them yourself! I cannot wait to read the next—I heard it's coming soon (might already be out by the time you read this?). I can already tell I'm going to have to pick up each installment as soon as it's out!

A MUST-READ if you enjoy that taboo thread of not-really-supposed-to-happen kind of relationships. I'd guess this series is gonna be HUGE.

I'm still reeling from this read.  Holy shit!  It feels like I've just lived it.  I can see Daniel and Marie so clearly that I feel like I can reach out and touch them.  This is a rich, intense saga I know I'm going to have to buy every part of as it continues.

So intense!  Tina has outdone herself.  This story is EPIC!  I know this is just the beginning, but I'm dying to see what happens next, to have MORE.  I have to know how this relationship evolves and all those intimate moments I know are going to come!

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