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For the Love of Boobs

For the Love of Boobs

An Erotica Expansion & Transformation Fantasy


Be careful what you wish for. Only one thing's certain when they get MORE than they've ever dreamed of... They're both in for one heck of a bumpy, bouncing, BREASTY ride!

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Be careful what you wish for. Only one thing's certain when they get MORE than they've ever dreamed of... They're both in for one heck of a bumpy, bouncing, BREASTY ride!

Every personal dream and aspiration - their lifelong study and achievement - are about to culminate in one, unfathomable moment for Chris and Becky. Partnering to share a private lab for their personal research, two powerful minds brilliantly intersect where experimental biology and chemistry meet. Together, they formulate a chemical solution with the power to change every facet of life on Earth for every culture and every country: a solution with the ability to grow breast tissue at a rapid rate upon human ingestion. 

At this very moment in time, years of experimentation and trial and error climax when Becky holds a beaker filled with the milky fluid in her hand. Pleading with Chris to allow her to disregard all safety, governmental regulations, and common scientific practice, Becky samples the fluid, making herself the first human trial of the powerful pharmaceutical. The intimacy of the necessary baseline measurements test the partners' platonic relationship moments before the true trial commences as Becky's chest begins to expand, her mammary tissue beginning to bud for the first time in her life. Her personal excitement is only quelled by Chris's scientific precision and insistence on continuous data collection, but when the growth ceases to stop, when Becky's newly developed chest continues to expand, the true trial of their friendship, erotic stamina, and ability to handle the fruition of their fantasies begins. Chris is about to take the ride of a lifetime... 

Her Deepest, Feminine Desire ~ His Ultimate Erotic Fantasy ~ Their Life's Work BLOWN UP Bigger Than They Could Possibly Imagine

....  "Do you think it's working already?" Becky asked, barely able to contain herself and staring at her chest as if she'd see actual movement at any second.

"I hope so.  That's what we designed it for.  But you should probably get some sleep or something.  I'll pull the cot out for you."

"Are you kidding?!  I can't sleep!  Not tonight.  Not when everything's about to change."

"I guess you're right.  But try not to get overly excited.  We don't want skewed results.  Or our own optimism to get in the way of our perception."

"If it works, I don't think there'll be any misperceptions about it.  Either I'll start growing actual breasts, or I won't."

Growing breasts.  Something about those words—that thought—affected me in a way I didn't expect.  I suddenly realized, after all those years of anticipation and working toward this one goal, that I was, perhaps, about to be the luckiest man in the entire world: privy to a private show of naturally budding breasts.  I admit, my cock started to swell a bit as well.

But nothing was happening beneath Becky's lab coat.  Not yet.

"You should take it off."


"Your coat.  If a change begins to occur, we don't want to miss it."

"If something starts to happen to my nonexistent tits, I'll know it."

"That's not very scientific, is it?" I smiled at my friend, excited for her own excitement.

"In case you haven't figured it out yet, Chris, this is more than just a scientific experiment for me.  More than an ambitious aspiration and the hope of being part of serious scientific advancement.  Hey..."  Becky's thoughts were interrupted as she pressed her hands to her chest.  "I feel something!"

I reached for my clipboard and pen and rolled closer to Becky in my own chair.  "What do you mean?  What do you feel!"

Becky's eyes grew wider, staring at her chest as she pressed her palms over her lab coat.  "I don't know... a... like a... tingling, I guess."

"Okay..."  I quickly began scribbling down the time and every word coming out of Becky's mouth.  "What else?  Any other sensations?  Do you feel okay?"

"Yeah.  Yes.  Well, no.  I mean..." Becky tore off her lab coat and stared at the front of her buttoned shirt.

"What is it?"

"I do feel kind of strange."

"What do you mean?"

"I don't know.  Just different.  You know?  Just kind of different.  Like something's happening."

"Okay.  Anything else?"

"No.  Just the tingling.  In my chest.  I don't feel nauseous or anything like that.  Just good.  Yes, it's just... good."

I looked up at Becky to verify what she was saying, to make sure she was actually okay.  Her eyes were bright with anticipation and happiness.

"Let's take a look," I suggested.

"Huh?  Oh, yes!  Right!"

Becky's shirt came off ten times as fast as the last time, and we both glared at her chest.  It actually seemed like her nipples were larger.  Not by much, but the male eye knows those things.  Acutely.

"I think... are my... are they different?"  Becky started rubbing her nipples under her fingertips, flicking them, feeling them, and sizing them up.  It was the most amazing sight I'd ever seen.

The combination of my two favorite things—science and breasts—culminating in one visual moment was almost overwhelmingly exhilarating.

I set to the task of taking new measurements of Becky's nipples.  It was all I could do to remind her to sit still for accuracy and contain her elation.

"It's happening!  It really is!  My God, Chris, we've done it!  And... and look!"

Right next to my own fingers, right beneath Becky's nose, her nipples were elongating.  Visibly!  Totally viewable by the naked eye.

Her flat chest was flagged by two, growing nipples sticking out by exactly four millimeters, then five, then six.

"Oh... wow!" Becky suddenly shouted while we watched the amazing transformation.

"What?  Are you okay?  You sound—"

"No, it's all right.  I'm all right.  It's just... exciting.  And the changes... well, they tingle.  It's like... well, it feels really good, Chris!"

A new drug that every woman and man in the world would pay anything for that felt good too.  It was a dream come true.  The pharmaceutical jackpot.

"Mmmm...." came from deep within Becky's throat.  She could barely manage to keep her own eyes open to study the changes happening to her own body without succumbing to the pleasure she was obviously sensing.

Becky's scientifically curious fingertip flicks over her nipples transitioned to slow, deliberate strokes over them.  She pulled at her still-sprouting nipples, nearly convulsing at the waves of feeling that undulated through her body.

I made every attempt to continue to measure and record the hastening growth, even tugged at Becky's fingers to keep them at bay.  Her own pleasure was taking her over.  And that was before her breasts themselves started to grow.  ....

Average Rating: 5.0/5.0 from 6 reviews

A pair of young chemists from Purdue, "Chris" and "Becky", are working on a magic potion to "affect breast development at the molecular level", i.e., make 'em bigger. He dreams of a world full of bigger mammaries, and more importantly, a world in which he is given the credit for the achievement (Chris naturally pleasures himself to the idea. Vanity: the ultimate aphrodisiac). As for Becky? Well, her reasons for working on the project may be more personal.

Tina Tirrell has co-written this humorous erotic tale with a fellow named Liam Holt. I've not read Mr. Holt's works, but I've read plenty of Ms. Tirrell's, and I can say with authority that their combined effort here hasn't silenced *her* style, at least. I speculate that the kinda prickly, kinda sensitive issue of breast-size itself, especially as it pertains to Becky, was certainly supervised by Ms. Tirrell. The narrative (from Chris's POV) and the dialogue flows smoothly along without sudden style shifts, and the transformation description itself is superbly done, each phase vividly shown, inch-by-inch. Aficionados of transformation, ballooning, and erotica set in a sci-fi milieu will be as happy as neckbeards with a family-size bag of Cheetos during a "Babylon 5" marathon.

While Ms. Tirrell and Mr. Holt do ace-work in delivering this fantasy for us male readers, let it be said at once that the biggest element of fantasy here is the notion of scientists working on female anatomy *first*. Even if magic potions are possible -- and perhaps someday they will be -- the first order of business In Real Life would be to turn millions of mushroom caps into zucchinis. Viagra release date: March 27, 1998. Flibanserin (can we change the name, btw? -- sounds like a new type of genital wart) release date: August 18, 2015. It's a man's world, babe -- first things first.

Well, Tina Tirrell offers us a breather from predictable reality, at least. 5 out of 5.

I just dipped into "For the love of boobs" and I must say that your writing style certainly sits okay with me :)  For the love of boobs was definitely a fun read, and was just soft enough in the sci-fi for the regular person to really enjoy.

You just never know what comes up when you search for certain, ahem, things you love on Amazon. And this was one of those surprises. With a title like that, why wouldn't you pick it up?

I have to say, this was my first time reading anything to do with "transformation," and I can totally see it's appeal. You might even call me a fan now. I dig sci-fi and this combines those cool magical concepts with "the good stuff". You can't beat it.

On top of that, it's surprisingly well written. I mean, 100 times better than most of the supposedly "hot" stuff you find online. The story just draws you in from the beginning, it feels real, and you want to know what happens next, all the way up to the end. And, oh, just what happens!

I don't want to spoil the ending, but it's BIG! This reads like some mainstream book that ends up having those seriously hot parts in it you always wish you'd find in your favorite stories. Hot stuff. My eyes are definitely opened to this different kind of genre now.

Brilliantly worded and made me visualize everything. The characters were amazingly written and the scenes of expansion took my breath away. Consider me a regular from now on.

I never wrote to an author before.  But I just had to write to you, Tina.  I stumbled upon your book looking for something different in my favorite subject of science fiction.  I didn't know what I was looking for, and when I came across this title, I just... had to buy it.  Holy shit!  This story is amazing!  Now, I know exactly what I've always been looking for and could never find until now.

I'm so turned on right now.  My two favorite genres combined into one?  I'm in heaven!  Sci-fi has never been this sexy.  And erotica has never been THIS awesome!

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