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Curiosity Quenched the Kitties

Curiosity Quenched the Kitties

a Taboo Lesbian Fantasy

The most intense, most memorable and most life-changing moments always begin most innocently.

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The most intense, most memorable, most life-changing moments always begin most innocently.

It's an innocent enough question, a mere curiosity. And who's safer to ask than the one Cheryl's grown up with, the one who can always be counted on to confess the answer and share that confusing, mysterious, question-filled path to adulthood? 

Cheryl only wants to know what it tastes like. Her boyfriend wants her to try it, but she has doubts as to why she should bother, if she should even bother. But when she asks Sara, her only slightly older and just as naturally beautiful sib, that single question just leads to another. And then, another. 

The mutual confessions just come naturally; the girly sharing is full of surprises and just bound to garner all the more curiosity. Curiosity that must be quenched

Sometimes, the best way to answer a question is by action, and the best way to know the truth is to try it for yourself. There's no lesson like a real-life experience. And no experience better than ashared one. Or two... or three. 

It may seem like just another afternoon, just another confession-filled session between girls. But, as only the older know and Sara and Cheryl have yet to learn, one thing always leads to another. And when those things feel so incredibly good, it's just too hard to stop. 

There's Nothing Like the First Time

.... "Yeah," Cheryl mumbled, her eyes still glued to the movements of her sister's hand.

"You can do it if you want," Sara suggested.

"You mean... copy you?"

"Yeah.  You don't need some dumb boy for it."

Without hesitation, trusting her sister's guidance completely, Cheryl laid on her back on her spot on the bed and started pushing on her own panties.  It didn't feel like it looked like it did to Sara when she did it.

Until Sara let out a little moan again.  Then, that made Cheryl's special spot tingle a little bit.  It felt warm and tickly.  But better than a tickle.

"And then, one day," Sara continued.  "I just wondered what it was like to just touch it, you know?"

Cheryl watched as Sara's fingers lifted the slender waistband of her panties and inched beneath it to rest on what laid beneath.

"It's like you can see it while you touch it... and figure out what feels good," she said.

Cheryl tried to imitate her sister, just push on herself with her fingertips.  It wasn't working.  It wasn't fun.

"You're doing it wrong!"  Sara yelled, disappointed.  "It's not like typing a text message or something.  Be gentleFeel it."

Cheryl did feel it.  A little bit.  She thought she did anyway.

"Let me show you," Sara said.  It wasn't a suggestion; she insisted.  And her hand was on top of Cheryl's and Cheryl's panties almost immediately.  "See?  Just do it slowly.  Does that feel good?"


"All right.  Close your eyes.  So you can feel it more.  Just let me move your hand around for you."

Sara's hand gently pressed her sister's, guiding it over her soft mound, sometimes in circles, sometimes just up and down or side to side.

The little gasp that came out of Cheryl even surprised herself.

Sara smiled at her handiwork, proud of her teaching ability.  "Now, taste it!" she totally shocked her sister with.

Cheryl's eyelids flew open.  "What!"

"Well, aren't you a little bit wet down there?"

"I don't know..."

"What do you mean, you don't know?  Just stick a finger in and then you can see what it's like."  Sara removed her hand from over her sister's.  "You have to know if he's lying."

"Well, you do it then.  Why do I have to do it if you never have?"

"Good point."  Sara rolled back over on her own side of the bed and stared at her panties for a few seconds before reaching her hand down them again, fiddling a bit under the thin material, and sliding her hand out again.  She stared at her hand for three more seconds before gingerly touching her fingers to her lips.  And then, she slid one fingertip between them and into her mouth.  "It... I can't really taste anything."

That was all the support Cheryl needed.  She slid her own hand under her panties, dipped her index finger between her lips there, and pulled it out again.

"Do it!" Sara yelled with a giggle.

And Cheryl's finger went right into her mouth.

Moments later, the finger slipped out again, shiny and wet.  "I can't taste anything either," she said with real disappointment.

Sara's face screwed up, her brain working out a new problem.  "Either Johnny's lying or... maybe we didn't do it right."

Sara sat up next to her sister.  "Just let me do it.  Pretend I'm Johnny."


"Well, don't you want to know what he tasted down there?  You've got to let me play with your kitty the way that he did.  I mean, how else are we going to know?"

"I guess so."

"Just close your eyes, Cheri."

She did.  ....

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Good god.

I was going to -- wait. Um, let me say at once that ... no, it's, uh ... I'm, uh ...

Look: it's hot, hot, hot. OK? "Kitties" is sort of buried at the back of Ms. Tirrell's catalog and I can't imagine why. This is some of the sexiest s--t I've ever read in my life. Once "Sara" and "Cheryl" get going, you'll be going. All the way to the end, if you know what I mean.

The Eternal Question: Do Girls Taste Like Candy? The younger sister, Cheryl, once permitted a boy to play around down there. Like most boys, he did it wrong. She explains to her older sister, " ... he said he needed to, that he was dying to know." I can relate! Oh god, take me back, take me back ...

I can't really describe the story -- it's simply too sexy. I can, however, praise the lava-flow of dialogue between the sisters in the early pages. This is writing from the heart, I suspect. I would not be surprised if Ms. Tirrell has an older sister that inspired such narrative passages as this: "All Sara replied was a smile, her characteristic secretive smile that said, I know everything about everything and YOU don't." Yeah well you younger brats should pay attention, you might learn something :) [older sibling, myself]

In the event, Cheryl *does* learn a few things about mounds, and how they work and so on. Man oh man. This story is arousing from start to finish. I can't resist one last quote from the prose, describing the aftermath glow: "They kissed to share the feelings of after-orgasm bliss. Kissed to heighten it. Kissed to extend the moment and refuse it an end." Very nice, Tina. :)

5 out of 5 -- recommended for lesbians, and most especially young men, who should treat this book as if it's a freekin' instruction manual. Slow and gentle wins the race, boys -- like the turtle in the old tale.

Give me more!  Tina's taken the taboo theme to bi-curious, first-time, girly fun?!  Consider me a HUGE fan already.  There's just no end to what Tina can write - and write well!

And all I was looking for was a hot taboo theme to read... I didn't know lesbian erotica would turn me on so much!  I feel like I learned so much about women, AND I got off.  Tina is now my preferred sex education teacher!

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